Mystery Of Illusion - 1985 - Shrapnel
Ruler Of The Wasteland - 1986 - Shrapnel
The Seventh Of Never - 1987 - Shrapnel
Voice Of The Cult - 1988 - Leviathan
Within The Heat - 1989 - Leviathan
For Those Who Dare - 1990 - Leviathan
Moments Through Time - 1992 - Leviathan
Next Planet Please - 1994 - Leviathan
Sick Society - 1995 - Leviathan
In Dementia - 1997 - Leviathan
Rock Solid Guitar - 2001 - Leviathan
In An Outrage - 2004 - Leviathan
Surrender To No One - 2013 - Leviathan
We Bleed Metal - 2015 - Leviathan

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Solo, Rude Girl, Malibu Barbie, Zanister>>Leather Leone>>Zanister, Solo, Sledge Leather - Tantrum>>Kate French>>Vainglory - Solo, Rude Girl, Malibu Barbie, Zanister, Sledge Leather>>LEATHER LEONE>>Sledge Leather, Solo

CJSS, Solo, Southern Gentlemen, Counterpoint, Firewind, Shelton Chastain>>DAVID CHASTAIN>>CJSS, Solo, Southern Gentlemen, Counterpoint, Firewind, Shelton Chastain

Leather, Counterpoint, Manta Ray>>David Harbour>>Leather, Counterpoint, Manta Ray, King Diamond, Solo, Equimanthorn, Leather Leone - CJSS>>Mike Skimmerhorn - Damien>>Kevin Kekes - Vicious Rumors>>Dave Starr>>Vicious Rumors - CJSS>>MIKE SKIMMERHORN

TKO, Alice Cooper, Fifth Angel, Randy Hansen>>Ken Mary>>House Of Lords, Impelliteri - London>>Fred Coury>>Cinderella, Taboo - John Luke Hebert>>King Diamond - Trouble, Stygian>>Dennis Lesh - Vicious Rumors, Bomb Threat>>Larry Howe>>Vicious Rumors, W.A.S.P. - Firewind, Jorn, Dimension F3H, Kinrick, Pagan’s Mind>>STIAN KRISTOFFERSEN>>Kinrick, Pagan’s Mind

History & Biography
Chastain is the band of metal guitarist David Chastain who has released music non-stop under different monickers since the early '80s. David Chastain is also the proprietor of Leviathan Records. Singer Kate French was now the wife of Larry Howe of Vicious Rumors who drummed for Chastain as well. She later marry Corbin King of Vainglory, which she fronted. Chastain specializes in guitar-oriented hard and heavy metal. The discography includes albums by the band Chastain and the solo act David Chastain as eventually the two have become indistinguishable.

Shrapnel Records reissued the first two albums, namely Mystery Of Illusion and Ruler Of The Wasteland in October of 2008. One-time Chastain band-mates Leather Leone (vocals) and David T. Chastain (guitar) had been working together in 2013 on new material. The two worked together most famously in the 1980s. Drummer Stian Kristoffersen of Pagan's Mind and Firewind was part of the line-up.

Chastain, which in 2013 again featured Leather Leone on vocals, announced Surrender To No One as the title for its next album. The band was shopping its music to labels. The returning band would issue a demo called We Bleed Metal in 2015 through guitarist David Chastain’s Leviathan Records. At the same time, The band Darkology would issue a new album called Fated To Burn through its Prime Eon Media in June 2015. The Dallas-based band featured former Chastain guitarist Michael Harris. Chastain released Chastainium and a new promotional video for the track We Bleed Metal in 2017. The album was a compilation of two tracks each from the band’s last eight albums. Chastain re-issued its 2015 album We Bleed Metal in 2017 keeping the original’s drums and vocals, but adding and rerecording the other instruments. With only one guitar track on the album the disc. This version was called We Bleed Metal 17. The guitarist opined, was as close a sound to a live performance as possible given that the band does not tour. It was out on Pure Steel Records and Leviathan Records. Shelton Chastain’s The Edge Of Sanity was a collection of songs worked on by guitarist David Chastain of Chastain and singer Mark Shelton of Manilla Road in the late ‘80s. The EP was being released by Leviathan on the heels of the death of Shelton in 2018. Divebomb Records was re-releasing For Those Who Dare in 2020, which was originally issued by Roadrunner in 1990. This was the original mix of the record. Several more Chastain compilations were next. The act probably had a dozen compilations released by now. Leather announced it would appear at Keep It True Rising IV in Würzburg, Germany in October 2024. This was billed as a "Chastain set."