Faces - 2004 - Black Lotus
Pins & Needles – 2007 – Metal Heaven
House Of Insanity – 2009 – Metal Heaven
Your Heaven Is Real – 2015 - Metalville
The Jester's Court - 2018 - Metalville

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History & Biography
Chris Caffery is the guitarist for Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and on his debut solo outing was aided by Paul Morris on keyboards, Dave Z on bass and drummer Jeff Plate. Caffery took over the vocals for his own outing. The album Faces was recorded at Spin Studio in New York and the resulting work was issued in the summer of 2004. The double-CD edition featured the disc God Damn War. Paul LaPlaca, former frontman for Brooklyn's October Thorns, joined Caffery's live band for several international dates in 2005. Paul was also working with other former band-mates Jofu (drumming with Zandelle) and Dave Z (TSO and Joan Jett). He was handling co-lead guitar and backing vocals for Zandelle, which has recently finished tracks for its second CD on LMP Records. In the meanwhile, in 2005 Black Lotus issued the God Damn War album, plus several bonus songs as one CD called W.A.R.P.E.D. Chris Caffery signed a solo deal with Metal Heaven Records in late 2006. His next album, entitled Pins & Needles, was to be released late in 2007. Caffery also joined Doro for live in 2007. A digital album, House Of Insanity, was now in the autumn of 2008. It was officially CD-ified in early 2009. Caffery, in the meantime, was part of the touring band of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens’ solo band. Guitarist Chris Caffery announced in 2011 he would soon release a hot sauce through High River Sauces.

Chris Caffery would release a new solo album, entitled Your Heaven Is Real, on August 21st 2015 through Metalville. It was the follow-up to 2009's House Of Insanity.

Chris Caffery has been playing since his high school days and got his start in Anti (which opened for Overkill and Metallica) and subsequently Heaven, which was managed by Savatage's Paul ONeil, which lead to his subsequent band memberships.


Chris Caffery was due a solo album. Almost every other Savatage member has done one. The surprise is Chris taking on the vocals as well and how he sounds so much like Savatage's Jon Oliva. This is a solo album which, by definition, more or less means a lot of diversity. Some of the stuff needs to be cut out or cut short what with 76-minutes of tunes, although the material is frequently very good and metal. Some things to point out are the vocals on The Fall which sound like SYL, the acoustic and epic texture on Music Man, the anger of Pisses Me Off and The Mold and the ballad called Never. Sure, the material is uneven, but like I said that is a given almost and the guy is darn cute. I mean check out the long hair. He not only looks good, but plays the guitar and sings like a pro too. - Sheila Wes Det

Chris Caffery’s W.A.R.P.E.D. digipack CD is about to receive a less than stellar mark from Metallian for the usual reasons, and more. The band’s music is one factor. The material, which seems to have its heart in the right place lyrically, is really a mishmash of riffs and rhythms with some parts coming across as plain bad. The beginning of Election Day, the derivative Zakk Wylde guitar playing and singing on a song like Fool, Fool! Or the rap-like music of the title track are collectively unfortunate. There are better parts and Caffery proves he is capable of singing and handling his guitar when he comes across a good song. Also of interest is the extensive booklet and lyrical explanations and interpretations provided.
The other problem is the CD itself, which contains the two-year old God Damn War bonus CD, plus several unreleased songs on the side. What is the point of this edition? And please spare us the usual “fan demand” nonsense.
All in all, this release is rather perplexing and probably reminiscent of the tactics of major labels which constantly repackage music (Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, etc.) and flood the scene without regard. - Ali “The Metallian”


Chris Caffery