C.I.A. - USA

In The Red - 1990 - MFN
Attitude - 1992 - MFN

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S= Anthrax, Nuclear Assault>>GLENN EVANS>>Nuclear Assault

G= Nuclear Assault>>GLENN EVANS>>Nuclear Assault

B= Nuclear Assault>>GLENN EVANS>>Nuclear Assault

D= TT Quick, Nuclear Assault>>GLENN EVANS>>Nuclear Assault

History & Biography
Pretty much all Nuclear Assault members released solo albums while on hiatus. This particular one had Evans carry out most responsibilities with the other NA members also pitching in.
Attitude was reissued in 2004 by SFW/Escapi.


Attitude is a reissue of CIA's 1992 sophomore release featuring Nuclear Assault drummer Glenn Evans and another in a series of Screaming Ferret re-releases of older albums. Evans handled the vocals and all the instruments except lead guitars on this album. The opener, Ace In The Hole, immediately brings to mind a less intricate version of Megadeth's So Far, So Good... So What songs! Evans even sounds like Dave Mustaine on occasion. Overall, this is thrashy heavy metal and an album perhaps even dated for a 1992 release. It would have been a more fitting release for a few years earlier. One suspects that Evans had the ideas for this material in his head in the '80s. - Anna Tergel