Circus Of Power - 1988 - RCA
Vices - 1990 - RCA
Magic & Madness - 1993 - Columbia

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Crucial Truth, Fat Nancy>>ALEX MITCHELL>>Uncle Max's Cosmic Band, Plastic Gator Machine, Fat Nancy

Gary Sunshine>>New York Loose, The Silos, Guns 'N Roses, Gravity Kills, Jesse Malin - RICKEY BECK MAHLER

Gary Sunshine>>New York Loose, The Silos, Guns 'N Roses, Gravity Kills, Jesse Malin - Leeway>>Zowie Ackermann - MARK FRAPPIER

Ryan Maher - Victor Indrizzo>>Samiam, Masters Of Reality, Scott Weiland

History & Biography
The gritty, biker band was formed in 1986. New York's Circus Of Power was fronted and co-founded by Canadian singer Mitchell and came across as a grittier and more tattooed Guns' N' Roses. While the debut and the follow-up live Mini LP (Still Alive) sold well, the band didn’t fare better with its following two albums. Call Of The Wild off the debut was a successful single and video.

Gary Sunshine was switched over to bass for the Vices album. The band relocated to California when signed to Columbia. Consequently, the third album introduced a new rhythm section.

Gary Sunshine later played on a Guns 'N Roses' Chinese Democracy song called Oh My God. Mitchell was later heard, aside from his own bands, on several 'tribute' CDs. Circus Of Power, featuring singer Alex Mitchell, guitarist Ricky Beck Mahler, bassist Marc Frappier and drummer Ryan Maher, announced a reunion show on June 3rd, 2006 at The Elysium in Austin, Texas. In 2008 the band was selling a covers album called Working For The Machine featuring unknown bands playing the New York group’s songs. The band’s 1988 debut self-titled debut album, originally issued through RCA, wasre-released through Rock Candy Records at the beginning of 2009. Circus Of Power singer Alex Mitchell and Billy Tsounis of Fat Nancy had a new project as of 2010 called Captain Zapped. The band’s sound was described as space pop.



Circus Of Power