Onwards To The Spectral Defile - 1999 - Osmose
Unveiling The Essence - 2000 - Osmose
Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know The Blackest Dawn - 2004 - Ketzer
Cirith Gorgor - 2007 – Ketzer
Visions Of Exalted Lucifer – 2016 – Hammerheart
Sovereign – 2019 - Hammerheart

Cirith Gorgor image
S= Nimroth [Michel Stigter]>>Scenario II, Soulemission - Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide>>Satanael>>Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide - Scenario II>>Nimroth [Michel Stigter]>>Soulemission - Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide>>Satanael>>Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide

G= Asmoday [Chris Van Klooster]>>Corpsecandle - Astaroth Daemonum – Zwartketterij, Walpurgisnacht, The Spirit Cabinet, Grimm>>MARCHOSIAS [ERICH VILSMEIER]>>Zwartketterij, Walpurgisnacht, Grimm, The Spirit Cabinet – Grimm>>Valefor

B= Daemonlord>>Lord Mystic>>Daemonlord – Beliar, Orewoet, Suttungr>>VALTYR/WALDTYR [YARNO PHILIPPI]>>Beliar, Orewoet, Suttungr

D= Striid, The Beast>>LEVITHMONG [ROEL BERGER]>>Striid, The Beast

History & Biography
Born in 1993 by Asmoday and Astaroth, the band played black metal covers of Mayhem, Darkthrone and others at first. Some four years later a demo called Mystic Legends... was performed. The band signed with Dutch company Displeased Records in 2008. Expected was a new full-length in 2009. Cirith Gorgor would enter the Toneshed Recording Studio in February to record a trilogy, entitled Der Untergang, The trilogy will be released as a limited gatefold LP only. Nimroth was back on vocals. He stayed until 2012 when Satanael again replaced him. It was a tribute to those who fought and died on the eastern front of World War II. Bi Den Dode Hant was a 2017 EP through Hammerheart. The group participated in The Nefarious Order compilation with a re-recording of Der Untergang III in 2019. Pestus joined on vocals in 2019. Valefor left in 2020.

In The Lord Of The Rings Cirith Gorgor is a pass which leads to the bleak land that is Mordor.



Cirith Gorgor