Onwards To The Spectral Defile - 1999 - Osmose
Unveiling The Essence - 2000 - Osmose
Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know The Blackest Dawn - 2004 - Ketzer
Cirith Gorgor - 2007 – Ketzer
Visions Of Exalted Lucifer – 2016 – Hammerheart
Sovereign – 2019 - Hammerheart

Cirith Gorgor image
Nimroth [Michel Stigter]>>Scenario II, Soulemission - Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide>>Satanael>>Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide - Scenario II>>Nimroth [Michel Stigter]>>Soulemission - Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide>>Satanael>>Walpurgisnacht, Volc Vermaledide

Asmoday [Chris Van Klooster]>>Corpsecandle - Astaroth Daemonum – Zwartketterij, Walpurgisnacht, The Spirit Cabinet, Grimm>>MARCHOSIAS [ERICH VILSMEIER]>>Zwartketterij, Walpurgisnacht, Grimm, The Spirit Cabinet – Grimm>>Valefor

Daemonlord>>Lord Mystic>>Daemonlord – Beliar, Orewoet, Suttungr>>VALTYR/WALDTYR [YARNO PHILIPPI]>>Beliar, Orewoet, Suttungr

Striid, The Beast>>LEVITHMONG [ROEL BERGER]>>Striid, The Beast

History & Biography
Born in 1993 by Asmoday and Astaroth, the band played black metal covers of Mayhem, Darkthrone and others at first. Some four years later a demo called Mystic Legends... was performed. The band signed with Dutch company Displeased Records in 2008. Expected was a new full-length in 2009. Cirith Gorgor would enter the Toneshed Recording Studio in February to record a trilogy, entitled Der Untergang, The trilogy will be released as a limited gatefold LP only. Nimroth was back on vocals. He stayed until 2012 when Satanael again replaced him. It was a tribute to those who fought and died on the eastern front of World War II. Bi Den Dode Hant was a 2017 EP through Hammerheart. The group participated in The Nefarious Order compilation with a re-recording of Der Untergang III in 2019. Pestus joined on vocals in 2019. Valefor left in 2020. Ceremony was opening for Ancient Rites, Pentacle and Cirith Gorgor to begin 2023.

In The Lord Of The Rings Cirith Gorgor is a pass which leads to the bleak land that is Mordor.



Cirith Gorgor