Frost And Fire - 1981 - Liquid Flames
King Of The Dead - 1984 - Enigma
One Foot In Hell - 1986 - Metal Blade
Paradise Lost - 1987 – Restless
I’m Alive – 2019 – Metal Blade
Dark Parade - 2023 - Metal Blade

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G= Prophecy>>Jim Barraza - Titanic>>Jerry Fogle – Titanic, Falcon>>Greg Lindstorm>>Falcon – Prophecy>>JIM BARRAZA - Titanic, Falcon>>GREG LINDSTROM>>Falcon

B= Possession>>Michael Flint[Michael Vujea] - Vernon Green – Black Opal, Jaguar, Night Demon, Satan>>JARVIS LEATHERBY>>Jaguar, Night Demon, Satan



History & Biography
Cirith Ungol has aged very well. The band was formed in 1976 and issued a demo in 1979. It was called The Orange Album. The group had been kicking around loosely much earlier than that however. When the band released its debut under its own label's banner one reviewer called the band the worst band in the history. The heavy metal act sported several great covers with Tolkien inspirations and is liked by fans of heavy and doom metal. The group disbanded in 1992. Fogle died in 1998.

Falcon was formed in 2003 and featured Perry Grayson formerly of Destiny's End. Metal Blade issued a two-CD compilation of the in 2001 called Servants Of Chaos. Jarvis Leatherby became the bassist in 2016. The band had reformed. A 2017 package was called The Legacy. It was issued by Metal Blade. I’m Alive was a box set and was mostly recorded at Up The Hammers festival in 2017. Forever Black was an independent 2020 release. Metal Blade issued a 2021 EP called Half Past Human. Candlemass, Dark Angel, Cirith Ungol and Riot V were among the groups booked at Hell's Heroes Festival in Houston, Texas, USA April 2022. The band was booked for England’s Dominion Festival, which was scheduled to take place between May 5 and 7th 2023, but that was called off due to less than 5% of available tickets being pre-sold. Cirith Ungol, which had released a new album called Dark Parade through Metal Blade, announced retirement from live performances at the close of 2024. The band was announcing concerts for 2024 soon.



Cirith Ungol