Gratum Inferno - 2013 - Tofu Carnage
Serpent Psalms – 2019 – Raw Skull

S= My Son My Executioner, Tyrannosorceress>>ZAC CHRISTIAN>>Tyrannosorceress
G= Cøma, Kill The Client, Kaliya>>CHRIS RICHARDSON>>Kill The Client, Kaliya - Soviet, Baring Teeth, Tyrannosorceress>>Andrew Hawkins>>Baring Teeth, Tyrannosorceress – My Son My Executioner, Runes Of The Evening>>CODY TATUM>>Runes Of The Evening
B= Cøma, Steel Bearing Hand, Tyrannosorceress, Slimelight, Dead To A Dying World>>JOHN SCHILLER>>Steel Bearing Hand, Tyrannosorceress, Slimelight, Dead To A Dying World
D= Tyrannosorceress>>ZACH JOBIN>>Tyrannosorceress

The band Cleric was initially formed in 2007 following the sleep of Chris Richardson and John Schiller's former act Cøma. They recruited Zach Jobin and Andrew Hawkins. The band regrouped in the autumn of 2011.

Dallas black/death metal band Cleric would issue its debut LP, Gratum Inferno, through Tofu Carnage Records on September 26th, 2013. The band featured members of Kill The Client, Baring Teeth and Tyrannosorceress. Cleric’s Serpent Psalms was out through Raw Skull Records on 25.10.2019.