Clit 'Em All - 2003 - Dismemberment/Bleedin Hemmorhoid
Eat Clit Or Die - 2004 - Restrain
Scream Bloody Clit - 2008 - Morbid
The Great Southern Clitkill - 2010 - War Anthem
Cliteaten Back To Life - 2013 - War Anthem
From Enslavement To Clitoration - 2016 - War Anthem

Cliteater image
Drowning In Tears, Inhume, Sinister, Hymen Holocaust>>JOOST SILVRANTS>>Inhume, Hymen Holocaust

Fleshbrigade, Grobar, From The Crypt>>IVAN CUIJPERS>>Grobar, From The Crypt - Maggots>>Alex Albers>>Maggots - Catafalque, Desensitised>>Susan Gerl>>God Dethroned, Kill Division - Robbie Rockstar [Robbie Pennings]>>Hymen Holocaust - Drowning In Tears, Wings Of Fury>>Erno Noorlander

Grobar>>Vedran Bartolcic>>Grobar - Wings Of Fury>>JORDY GERRITS

Infekt, Grobar, Hymen Holocaust>>Maurice Van Den Broek>>Grobar, Hymen Holocaust - Desensitised, State:Chaos>>Martijn Sijmons>>Desensitised, State:Chaos, Chemical Breath - Void Of Sense, Bodyrot, Aggro, Gasoorlog, Departure>>Clemens Kerssies>>Toxocara, Caedere - Purest Of Pain, Korpse, Dictated, Houwitser, Nibirus, FxOxExS>>MARTEN VAN KRUIJSSEN>>Korpse, FxOxExS

History & Biography
Cliteater came to the fore in January of 2002 when two members of grindcore band Grobar, namely Vedran and Ivan, decided to form a sick side-project. The band used a drum machine to start. The act would go on to use whimsical titles based on known metal albums and play across Europe, Canada and the USA.

The band soon sent a taped rehearsal to vocalist Joost of Inhume and Sinister fame and was able to recruit the growler into its ranks. This line-up recorded a demo in April. The demo featured 11 regular songs and two covers of the band Gut. Drummer Maurice joined the band in June. Vedran and Ivan became the mainstays and members began coming and members began going like wives and prostitutes in Trump's bed. Vedran would depart in 2015 although he had taken a hiatus to travel in 2009.

The band began gigging and shred the stage with the likes of Cock And Ball torture and Aborted. The band issued its debut album in September of 2003. Clit Em All - which featured several demo songs - did well for the responsible labels, Dismemberment and Bleedin Hemmorhoid, but the concerns were not able to press more of the disc after the initial batch sold out. In Stepped Restrain Records which repressed the album in May, 2004. The act appeared at Party.San and OEF 2007. Female guitarist Susan Gerl was in the band between 2007 and 2008. The band played at Goremagaddon Fest in November 2009. More shows followed. 2010's The Great Southern Clitkill featured the song F.F. (Fuckin' Faggot). Ivan was in poor health and the band had to cancel a tour as a result in 2010. A tour of Mexico was cancelled when the promoter ended up not offering any money.

Clit 'Em All/Eat Clit Or Die was a compilation in 2018, which appropriately enough was issued by Nail The Cunt Records. Cliteater, Rectal Smegma and Last Days of Humanity had a split release in 2020. The clit got old, shrivelled and died in 2023.

The band's monicker was likely a cruel joke as once lured by the name, fans would be confronted by a fat bastard that looked more like a right-wing conservative loser on a Redneck Rampage instead of a clit. Joost, Robbie Rockstar and Maurice were also in Hymen Holocaust. Much of the band's artwork was courtesy of Luisma of Haemorrhage.


Bluuuurrrrggggghhhhhaaaa.... there is nothing restrained about this depraved, sick, messed-up, evil grinding pussycore attack. The Dutch quartet extends its tongue and licks the matter at hand with all the power and gusto of a perverted maniac on a rampage. Haemorrhage, Mortician, Gut, Fuck The Facts, etc. all come to mind(less) when this album's 'music' gushes out of the speakers. The cover artwork looks like a Razorback release, the sound is huge with a specially cool bass sound and the lyrics and titles include Extort To Saturate, Portable Gasstove and Hobo Shooting promise. There is a degree of risk involved listening to this material, but the payoff is well worth the blood! - Ali "The Metallian"