Dominions Of Our Deceitful Beliefs – 2018 - Loud Rage

Codered image
S= Indian Fall, Tenebre, Spectral, Malformed Nature>>ANDREI CALMUC>>Indian Fall, Tenebre, Spectral, Malformed Nature
G= Indian Fall>>ANDREI CALMUC>>Indian Fall - Another Sad, Killers Legion, Malformed Nature>>ARMAND NICULESCU>>Malformed Nature
B= Indian Fall>>IOAN CAMPIAN>>Indian Fall
D= Spectral, Celest, The Thirteenth Sun, Indian Fall, Necrovile, Disavowed, Pestilence, Autokrator>>SEPTIMIU HĂRŞAN>>Spectral, The Thirteenth Sun, Indian Fall, Necrovile, Disavowed, Pestilence, Autokrator

The death metal band was founded in 2004. A demo came in 2005 and a second called Stronger Than Lust followed the year after. Romania-based death metal group Codered reissued its Dominions Of Our Deceitful Beliefs through Loud Rage Records in February 2018. It was originally issued in 2013.


Never mind that the album’s title is a head scratcher; let us focus on the music. This is old school death metal and really should be receiving a much higher rating from us here at Metallian. The music is (sketched to be) extreme, the vocals deep and growled and the music harkens back to acts that formed the sub-genre of death metal.
Unfortunately, this remastered re-release of a 2013 demo still does not have the best of sounds and more significantly is rather dull. There is not a standout track or anything that is memorable. Scratch that. Tracks like Crowd Control and Neutron Collision are reminiscent of Human and Individual Thought Patterns’ era Death and at one point the bassist lifts the bass line straight out of a Death track. That is the extent of the memorability. The vocals are like something Tim King of Oppressor would growl out on Solstice Of Oppression. The band has its heart in the right place and means well, but it is all ‘code red’ until the group writes more impactful songs that hit the listener harder. – Anna Tergel