The Miracle Of Death - 2007 - Bleak Art

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The Governors, Scapegoats>>STEVIL

Bound In Human Flesh, Obscene Eulogy>>JAMIE - Obscene Eulogy>>NATHAN MCGRAW

Bound In Human Flesh, Obscene Eulogy>>Jamie - Nathan McGraw - Troops Of Doom, Rot>>BARON VON HAMLOW

Obscene Eulogy>>NATHAN MCGRAW

History & Biography
Former members of Bound In Human Flesh and Obscene Eulogy formed the Saint John-based Coffin Birth in 2005. Finntroll’s Tapio Wilska was called into action soon due to the members’ relationship with the Finn which stemmed from the Canadians’ earlier bands. The collaboration was abandoned to the obvious logistical difficulties. The Disturbing The Earth demo appeared in 2006. Canada’s Coffin Birth signed with Bleak Art Records in 2007. The Miracle Of Death album was out soon. A 2010 demo was called Within The Claws Of Peril. It helped the band quit in 2011.


So my old buddy Steve is back (still?) at it spewing the metal madness, eh? This guy has been bellowing into his microphone since the late '80s and is apparently not about to give up either. Not that the rest of the band s comprised of newcomers. The core of Coffin Birth is former Obscene Eulogy men Jamie and Nathan. Their new band proposes to take metal back to its extreme roots without the clichés of modern revisionism. The three songs largely fulfil that goal. The opening number, Disturbing The Earth, is the disc’s best cut with strong vocals which sound like a lynx gone berserk coupled with a strong rhythm and cool leads. The music could be compared to King Diamond, Melechesh and Kalmah. Down side? The trendy synthesizer in the background. Push up the bass sound and get rid of the keyboards and everyone will be happier. Fathered By Fiends begins in punky fashion, but soon settles into a metal rhythm. Another good lead (or two) supports this track. The material is mainly mid-paced. Listen to Steve suggest that you “diiiee”! The third and final song is called Cemetery Nights and, while not as convincing as the other two tunes, thrashes hard enough to be another tool in the band’s arsenal. The band is working on a full-length disc called The Miracle Of Death - can’t wait. E-mail for information. - Ali “The Metallian”


Coffin Birth