Mortuary In Darkness - 2005 - Razorback
The Other Side Of Blasphemy - 2006 - Imperium
Buried Death - 2008 - 20 Buck Spin
The Fleshland - 2013 – Relapse
Beyond The Circular Demise – 2019 - Relapse

Coffins image
S= Dot(.), Oozepus>>UCHINO>>Oozepus – JUN TOKITA
G= Dot(.), Oozepus>>UCHINO>>Oozepus
B= Funeral Moth>>Nobuyuki Sentou>>Funeral Moth, Psychotoblack - Trikorona>>Takuya Koreeda>>Trikorona, Mortify – Woundeep, State Craft, Super Structure>>MASAFUMI ATAKE
D= Dot(.)>>You - Cocobat>>Ryo>>Cocobat - Oozepus>>SATOSHI HIKIDA>>Oozepus

Doom/death metal band Coffins was formed in 1996 in Tokyo the capital city Of Japan. Aniki was on guitar at this point. After demos 2000 and 2003, Razorback Records issued the band’s debut, Mortuary In Darkness. The band soon began a series of split release with acts like Cianide, Lobotomized, Stormcrow, Warhammer and many more. Ryo switched to vocals in 2011. Jun Tokita joined on vocals in 2013. Following The Fleshland album Tokyo, Japan's Coffins confirmed a US shows for the spring of 2014. Beginning May 18th, Coffins would play Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Philadelphia before closing down the run with a return to Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore on May 22nd. The band continued issuing split records. The band played at the Asakusa Deathfest in Tokyo in 2016 and appeared on a compilation of its recordings in 2017. Coffins’ Defilement was a 2-CD 2021 compilation of the band’s material and was issued by Horror Pain Gore Death. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and MCDT had a death metal compilation called Death Metal Power From Beyond in 2021. Bands appearing included Seraphic Disgust, Undergang and Coffins. This compilation was dedicated to the memory of Ryan Tyler Reidy (bassist of Seraphic Disgust) who committed suicide during the production stage of this release.