Chapter 1 : Delirium - 2007 - Firebox
Chapter 2: Numquam - 2009 - Firebox
Chapter 3: Parasomnia – 2011 - Firedoom

Colosseum image
S= Yearning>>JUHANI PALOMÄKI>>Yearning
B= Autumnal>>JANNE RÄMÖ>>Autumnal
D= Demysh, Drown Me Blue, Saattue>>SAMELI KÖYKKÄ>>0 X í S T, Saattue, Cynabare Urne

Featuring Yearning singer and guitarist Juhani Palomäki, Colosseum was formed in 2006 as a funeral doom metal band. The band issued a 2006 demo called Demo 2006 featuring three songs and 33 minutes of music. The group signed with Firebox and was invited to appear on a Thergothon Tribute album following its debut’s release. A second album (featuring trumpets) was recorded in the summer of 2008. It was due for release in 2008, but appeared in 2009. The band’s last record appeared in 2011, a year after the group disbanded. Juhani Palomäki committed suicide in 2010.

The Finns share a name with the English late '60s progressive rockers.


Admittedly, I am going to fall for it and quote the band’s biography. It reads, “Colosseum is a project with the aim to create the most bleak and funereal atmospheres through music.” Perhaps the Metallian himself should have reviewed this one because even though the band of Yearning singer and guitarist Juhani Palomäki is obviously adhering to the rules of funeral doom this band does not give a reviewer the opportunity to say much about it. Slow and melancholic yes, but the typical use of grunts and long instrumental passages is obscured by an unnecessary proliferation of keyboards and abundant melodies. It is these melodies that knock the wind out of Chapter 1: Delirium. Soothing and catchy to the point of blatant mainstream commercialism the band’s melodies are of the kind available in commercial ventures and mainstream art. Never mind the background of deep vocals and a solid doomy rhythm because the palatable melodies are soothing like similar ones heard on a major Hollywood film. That, whether intended or not, is the band’s output and definitely not a good thing. Could this be the arrival of mass appeal funeral doom? - Anna Tergel