Fly Machine>>CONFESSOR>>Fly Machine - USA

Condemned - 1991 - Earache
Unraveled - 2005 - Season Of Mist

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Watchtower>>Scott Jeffreys>>Drench

BRIAN SHOAF>>Far And Away - Ivan Colon - Shawn Mccoy>>Churchburn

Fly Machine, Loincloth>>GARY ROWELLS>>Fly Machine, Loincloth

Fly Machine, Loincloth>>STEPHEN SHELTON>>Fly Machine, Loincloth, Far And Away

History & Biography
Confessor's album appeared at the same time as Cathedral's debut on Earache and while the latter went on to be successful, the former was much criticized for its vocals.

A self-titled EP appeared a year later. There was some talk of a new album for 2000, but nothing has materialized. The band reunited for a one-off show in Raleigh, North Carolina on April 21, 2002 in memory of guitarist Colon who had died in February. C.O.C also played at that show.

Rumour had the band reforming again in late 2002. The band began the process of writing new songs until Season Of Mist announced the signing of the band in 2005. The band's debut for the label Unraveled was out in early autumn 2005 and Season Of Mist will release a limited edition single entitled Sour Times. A DVD called Live In Norway was issued in mid-2006. Chris Nolan replaced departed guitarist Shawn McCoy in in June of 2007. Nolan had briefly spent time in the band in the past. Singer Scott Jeffreys left Confessor following the band’s lack of progress in 2009 in order to focus on his career. Far And Away was a new band featuring three former members of Confessor, guitarists Brian Shoaf and Chris Nolan as well as drummer Steve Shelton. The band will will make its live debut on Friday, February 4th at DIVEbar in Raleigh, NC, USA. Support comes from Parasite Drag featuring Cary Rowells (also ex-Confessor).

Uncontrolled was the name of a new compilation featuring three early demos of Confessor. The disc would be released on May 8th, 2012 through Divebomb Records.