Repent - 2002 - Cold
Violadead - 2004 - Black Lodge
The Grand Machinery - 2005 - Black Lodge
Endless Echo - 2009 - Black Lodge

Construcdead image
S= Embodiment>>Jonas Sandberg - Godsic, Dog Faced Gods>>Peter Tuthill>>Nailstate, Godsic, Carnal Forge, Despite - The Defaced, Hatelight, Darkane>>JENS BROMAN>>The Defaced, Hatelight, Darkane

G= Christian Ericson - Face Down>>RICKARD DAHLBERG>>Face Down

B= Face Down>>Joakim Harju>>Face Down, Nation Beyond - Carnal Forge>>Johan Magnusson – Sins Of Omission>>THOMAS FÄLLGREN

D= Face Down, General Surgery, Terror 2000>>Erik Thyselius>>Terror 2000, General Surgery, Face Down - Soils Of Fate>>Niklas Carlsson

History & Biography
Construcdead was formed in early 1999 by drummer Erik Thyselius and guitarists Rickard Dahlberg and Christian Ericson. A demo called The New Constitution preceded the Turn EP. The band would play at the Stonehenge festival in The Netherlands. Sandberg left the band following Repent and was replaced by Godsic's Tuthill eventually. The band had already hit Japan as support to Soilwork. Violadead would appear on Black Lodge in the spring of 2004. The label would release a limited edition of the album with a slightly different cover photograph. The band kicked off a mini-tour with Dismember in Scandinavia thereafter.

Bassist Joakim Harju left the band in June, 2004. Johan Magnusson, the former guitarist for Carnal Forge, replaced him. The band announced an EP called Wounded for late 2004. The band and vocalist Peter Tuthill and bassist Johan Magnusson parted ways in the spring of 2005. Jens Broman from The Defaced and Hatelight stood behind the microphone during the recording of The Grand Machinery, which was due that summer.

The band, drummer Erik Thyselius and bassist Viktor Hemgren parted ways in late 2006 presumably due to a lack of time and commitment. The band postponed recording a new album. Jens Broman joined Darkane in late 2007 replacing Andreas Sydow. Guitarist Dahlberg also joined Face Down. Tuthill joined Carnal Forge in 2008 in essence giving back members since the band had earlier received. Construcdead would release a new album, entitled Endless Echo, in April, 2009 through Black Lodge Records. Drummer Nicke Karlsson had already been kicked out and replaced by Chris Barkensjö of Face Down (not the first time the bands had swapped drummers). Another Construcdead member left in 2010. Construcdead parted ways with founding guitarist Christian Ericson.


Think of Construcdead's Violadead album as a catalogue of Swedish heavy metal. It is barely an exaggeration that every Swedish metal band finds representation on this album. Be it stronger influences like Darkane, Meshuggah and Soilwork or the snippets of music reminiscent of At The Gates, In Flames or Entombed, Construcdead has it on its new album. A problem apart from the lack of originality is the clean vocals. Irritating to the extreme, the chanting grates on the nerves time after time. Stupidity like that is best left to nouveau-wimps like In Flames. The cover photograph is interesting. Otherwise this disc has nothing else going for it. - Ali "The Metallian"