The Hypothesis - 2015 - Unique Leader
Designed Obsolescence – 2019 – Unique Leader

Continuum image
S= Son Of Aurelius, Allegaeon>>RILEY MCSHANE>>Son Of Aurelius, Allegaeon
G= Suffokate, Carnivorous, Vomit Trough, Arkaik, Brain Drill, Deeds Of Flesh, Insanity>>IVAN MUNGUIA>>Vomit Trough, Arkaik, Brain Drill, Deeds Of Flesh, Insanity – Animosity, Son Of Aurelius, Decrepit Birth, Scour, Conflux>>CHASE FRASER>>Decrepit Birth, Scour, Conflux
B= Flesh Consumed, Eviscerated>>NICK WILLBRAND>>Eviscerated
D= Son Of Aurelius>>Spencer Edwards>>Son Of Aurelius – Rings Of Saturn, Vaginal Discharge, Brain Drill, Inanimate Existence>>RON CASEY>>Inanimate Existence

The Hypothesis, the studio album from Bay Area band Continuum was released in April of 2015 through Unique Leader Records. The band was initially founded in Santa Cruz in 2009. The band released an album, called Designed Obsolescence, through Unique Leader Records in January 2019. The death metal band recorded with Zack Ohren. Ron Casey had joined in 2018.

Munguia is also in Deeds Of Flesh, which featured Unique Leader owner Erik Lindmark.