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History & Biography
Born in 1996, Control Denied was the result of Schuldiner's years' long dream of forming a power metal band. Initially a full-time band, Schuldinder later reformed Death but seemed to flirt with sticking with Control Denied. Hammerheart had signed Control Denied. The band was working on its sophomore album in Tampa's Morrisound Studio and early reports indicated the album would bear the When Machine And Man Collide title and be out in May 2001. Chuck Schuldiner had this to say about the album: “This album will NOT contain any guest rappers, 7-string guitars, baggy pants or any other elements from so-called New 'Metal'.” The recording of a second album called When Machine And Man Collide was postponed due to Schuldiner's fight with cancer. Reportedly, much of the budget for that recording was diverted to the musician’s treatment. Despite the aggressive treatment - after much haranguing due to lack of social healthcare in the USA - Schuldiner died of cancer at 16:00 EST on 13.12.2001.

The sophomore album’s release was delayed continuously. Hammerheart/Karmageddon Media let it be known in 2003 that, due to an on-going dispute with the Schuldiner family, the Control Denied album was indefinitely delayed. A war of words between the two parties ensued.

The situation took a surprising turn in October of 2003. Hammerheart Records/Karmageddon announced it is releasing the rough tape of Control Denied's last recording as the band's second album after failing to procure the music from the mother of the band's deceased leader, Chuck Schuldiner. Jane Schuldiner and the label were further entangled in the midst of a legal battle. After much legal hassle between Karmageddon Media (formerly Hammerheart Records) and Jane Schuldiner the label issued the last recording of the singer/guitarist under his name in the spring of 2004. The album was named Zero Tolerance. Control Denied’s The Fragile Art Of Existence album was reissued by Metal Mind as a limited edition digipak in April of 2008. In 2009, Beth Schuldiner, sister of Death/Control Denied’s Chuck, was compiling the essays and writings of the bands’ fans into a volume dubbed "Symbolic What Chuck's Music Means to Me - The Journeys of Chuck Schuldiner's/Death Fans."

In May of 2010 Relapse Records announced a partnership with Perseverance Holdings Limited and the Schuldiner family to reissue the catalogue of Chuck Schuldiner and his bands Death, Control Denied and Mantas. Chuck Schuldiner died on December 13th, 2001 at the age of 34 due to pontine glioma.

Shannon Hamm and Tim Aymar were scheduled to play at a Chuck Schuldiner tribute show on December 18th at Latino Rock Café in San Jose, Costa Rica. They were to be joined by members from local metal bands Black Gallery, Advent Of Bedlam and Pseudostratified Epithelium.

Former bassist Scott Clendenin, who played on The Sound Of Perseverance album, died in March, 2015. He was 47 years old. A cause of death was not offered. Clendenin was recently involved in the Death cover band, Death To All. Tim Aymar died in 2023.



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