World Without God - 1992 - Thrash
Reflections - 1994 - Relapse
Evil Prevails – 2013 - Svart
Cycle Of Revenge – 2016 - Svart
Deathstar – 2020 - Transcending

Convulse image
S= Rami Jamsa - RAMI JAMSA

G= Havoc, Pornorphans, Empire Falls, When The Empire Falls>>RAMI JAMSA>>Pornorphans, Empire Falls, When The Empire Falls - Purtenance>>Toni Honkala>>Purtenance


D= Janne Miikkulainen - Perttu Lind – Pornorphans, When The Empire Falls>>ROLLE MARKOS

History & Biography
It's the same old story: band forms, band has heart and energy, band plays death metal, band wimps out, band plays jazzy rock & roll. The band was formed in 1988 and released two demos. Reflections was recorded at Sunlight Studio where Relapse's other Finns Amorphis had recorded. New man Kimmo Hakkila joined the band in 1995 and the group broke up after being dropped by Relapse, which presumably was uninterested in the band’s grunge sound. Rami went on to play K&F music in Pornorphans.

Like every other band, tired of packing groceries at the local store the reformation occurred in 2012. Vart signed the band and issued the Inner Evil EP. Finland-based Convulse had a new song called The Summoning in 2018. This acted as a preview to the band’s forthcoming 2019 album. Finland-based act had signed a deal with Transcending Records to release a studio album entitled Deathstar in autumn of 2020.

Convulse, Putrenance and later Lubricant were the trio of extreme bands from the town of Nokia in the early ‘90s. S.D.S. was a speed metal band whose name stood for Seven Death’s Sins.