R.I.P. - 1987 - Noise
Punishment For Decadence - 1988 - Noise
No More Color - 1989 - Noise
Mental Vortex - 1991 - Noise
Grin - 1993 - Noise
Coroner - 1995 - Noise

Coroner image

Voodoocult, Clockwork, Kreator, 69 Chambers>>TOMMY T. BARON [TOMMY VETTERLI]>>Voodoocult, Clockwork, Kreator, 69 Chambers


Marquis Marky Edelmann>>Dwell, Apollyon Sun - Calhoun Conquer, Babylon Sad, Krokus, Mekong Delta, Ain’t Dead Yet, Buddy Lackey>>Peter Haas>>Krokus, Mekong Delta, Ain’t Dead Yet

History & Biography
With the Deathcult CD Switzerland announced the arrival of a popular and original techno thrash band. Given birth in 1984 by Oliver Amberg, later of Celtic Frost, the band was also related to CF via Tom Fischer's guest work on the aforementioned demo and the roadie work of Tommy and Marquis for Celtic Frost in the Tragic Serenades tour of 1986. The act was called VoltAge initially between 1983 and 1984.

Punishment For Decadence’s cover was changed for the US market by the label. The label sought a more metal cover for the edition. While the band maintained an original sound, the albums differed from each other as well. A US tour was undertaken in support of Mental Vortex. The band, oddly enough, rarely played live and called it a day after the release of Grin with the self-titled compilation-cum-new album appearing posthumously.

Coroner reformed in 2011. The Swiss act was to play its comeback show at the Impetus festival on April 23rd at Les Docks in Lausanne, Switzerland. The band was also play at Maryland Deathfest IX in May 26 in Baltimore.

Amorphis, Stratovarius, Grave Digger, Coroner and others were confirmed for the 2012 edition of the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise ship, which would set sail from Miami, Florida to Cayman Islands on January 23rd, 2012 and return four days later. A total of 40 acts were to perform on this cruise. In 2013, No Remorse Records would release the 1986 Death Cult demo from the band on CD and vinyl. Drummer Marky Edelmann (a.k.a. Marquis Marky) was leaving the band in 2014. The band swiftly recruited drummer Diego Rapacchietti (Paganini, 69 Chambers, etc.) to replace Marquis Marky. A 2016 CD/DVD compilation was called Autopsy - The Years 1985 - 2014 In Pictures and issued by Century Media.

The group began writing and recording a new album in 2017. The band was a part of 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise 2019. The band was continuing to record and promise a new album in 2021 and 2022. Exciter, Vio-Lence, Coroner and Lich King were conducting a mini-tour of the USA in the spring of 2022. The band was playing European shows including Ruhrpott Metal Meeting with Saxon, Benediction and others. The group was entering the studio to record a new album in February 2023. The band was signed to Century Media and last issued a record in 1993.