With Lewd Demeanor - 2003 - Neurotic
A New Species Of Deviant - 2007 - Neurotic
FleshCraft - 2012 - Deepsend

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Iniquity, Strangler, Slow Death Factory, Human Machine, Zahrim, Atobic>>MARTIN ROSENDAHL>>Zahrim, Strangler, Slow Death Factory, Human Machine, Atobic

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Iniquity, Usipian, Strangler, Slow Death Factory, The Cleansing, Human Machine, Zahrim, Atobic>>MARTIN ROSENDAHL>>Zahrim, Usipian, Strangler, Slow Death Factory, The Cleansing, Human Machine, Atobic

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History & Biography
Death metal band Corpus Mortale was formed in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, in 1993 by Søren Jensen and drummer Nicholas Maschøln and featured Iniquity members Brian Eriksen, Jens Lee and Martin Rosendahl. A self-titled demo appeared in 1995 and was followed by the integration EP in 1996. The band recorded a full-length dubbed Spiritism for 1998, but the would-be album never made it to the shelves. The band was unhappy with the recording and Søren Jensen soon departed.

A CD called Succumb To The Superior was issued in 2001, followed by a demo until the band obtained a deal with Neurotic Records. Human Machine is an industrial band. The band entered the studio in 2005 in order to record a new album, A New Species Of Deviant. Mads Haarløv of Iniquity was filling in on guitar. The album arrived in 2007. Drummer Rasmus Schmidt of Downlord joined the band in 2008. After seven years guitarist Roar Christoffersen left the band in 2009. He wanted to concentrate solely on his other band, Bastards. His replacement is former Diehard publicist and The Cleansing member Andreas Lynge. At the end of 2012, The Danish death metallers signed to Deepsend Records. Deepsend would release the Danes' third album FleshCraft that autumn.

From here on drummer Rasmus Schmidt left immediately, guitarist Carlos Garcia Robles left in 2017 and guitarist Brian Eriksen left in 2023. The band reported an album completed in 2019 and that, upon recording, a tour would follow. The next update was about a concert in 2023. There was also an unnamed new member. The band became quiet again.


A 2003 release being promoted now? Whether it be 2003 or 2005 With Lewd Demeanor is one CD that can hold up as an example of death metal for any soul not yet recruited. This has got it all, nothing groundbreaking or very original, but a good mix of what one expects to hear on a Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel album. It is not surprising to hear a bit of Iniquity, if one wants a European reference for the Danes, considering that Corpus Mortale features an ex-member. Growls, blast beats, slower riffs and breaks, all typical of the American scene are all here. Quite simply 38 minutes of death. - Anna Tergel


Corpus Mortale