The Gospel Of The Horned One - 1993 - Thurlsaz
The Return Of The Horned One - 1994 - Nazgul’s Eyrie
Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam - 1995 - Nazgul’s Eyrie
The Book Of The Heretic - 1996 - Nazgul’s Eyrie
The Shining Swords Of Hate - 2000 - Barbarian Wrath
Revenge Of The Horned One, Part One - 2001 - Barbarian Wrath
The Revenge Of The Horned One Part II - 2002 - Barbarian Wrath
Heilig Vuur - 2004 - Barbarian Wrath
Spawn Of Steel - 2005 - Barbarian Wrath
Holocaust Of The God Believers - 2006 - Barbarian Wrath
Blazing Flames Of War - 2007 - Barbarian Wrath
Burning Scripture - 2010 - Barbarian Wrath
On Wings Of Defiance - 2012 - Barbarian Wrath
Ancient Lies And Battle Cries, - 2014 - Barbarian Wrath
Into Battle – 2017 – New Era

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History & Biography
This duo - very soon solo - uses keyboards and a drum machine to deliver what some call black metal. The band issued an album called On Wings Of Defiance to start 2012. The band’s typography was styled after Bathory no less. The band’s albums through Brabarian Wrath received no promotion, but least proved that Brabarian Wrath exists. On June 17th, 2013 Dutch Black Metal band Countess would release a new EP entitled Sermons Of The Infidel. The EP would exclusively be available digitally through the band’s official Bandcamp site. On April 9th, 2014 the Dutch Black Metal band will release a new full-length album, entitled Ancient Lies And Battle Cries, through the band's long-time label Barbarian Wrath. Fires Of Destiny was the name of a 2016 demo. Keyboardist Häxa joined in. Into Battle was actually 1996 material. Valgard joined on guitar in 2019. Banners Of Blood was also a demo and issued in 2021.

Live By The Sword was a 2023 demo with a couple of self-cover versions. Metalhart Festival was scheduled for Germany on 02.09.2023. It was conceived as a benefit festival, featuring bands from around the world, in order to raise funds for coma patients and their families in memory of Hartmuth “BlackGoat” Schindler. The man ran Nazgul’s Eyrie Productions and later Barbarian Wrath and fell into a coma in 2017. His wife and her label, namely Witches Brew, were part of the organisation. Bands appearing included Eruption, Countess and Master.