CTG - 2004 - Year Of The Sun
Texas Medicine - 2008 - Year Of The Sun

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S= Fallen Decade>>Greg Cavanagh>>Fallen Decade
G= Aggression>>DENIS "SASQUATCH" BARTHE - Infernal Majesty, Tyrants Blood, Aggression BRIAN "MESSIAH" LANGLEY
B= Empyria, Iron Gypsy, Uncle Sid>>KEN FIROMSKI
D= Matt Fowler

The gang of metal musicians was formed in Vancouver, Canada in 2002. The Lifespan Sessions demo was created in 2003. The band signed with Guelph, Canada’s Year of The Sun Records. The alliance bore fruit in 2004. The Gift Of Death demo came out in 2005. The band was with its old label soon. Singer Cavanagh joined Fallen Decade in 2008. Devin Townsend produced Texas Medicine. Drummer Fowler had quit in 2009. He had rejoined in 2007 after a two-year absence. In 2013, Brian "Messiah" Langley (formerly of Infernal Majesty, Tyrants Blood and Aggression) was filling the role of singer, as well as guitarist, for Canada’s Cradle To Grave. Singer Greg Cavanagh had quit. He was a band founder.



Cradle To Grave