Fresh Cream - 1966 - Reaction
Disraeli Gears - 1967 - Polydor
Wheels Of Fire - 1968 - Polydor
Goodbye - 1969 - Polydor
Live Volume I - 1970 - Polydor
Live Volume II - 1972 - Polydor

Cream image
S= John Mayall's Blues Breakers, Roosters, Yardbirds>>ERIC CLAPTON [ERIC PATRICK CLAPP]>>Blind Faith, Solo
G= Blind Faith, Solo>>ERIC CLAPTON>>Blind Faith, Solo
B= Graham Bond, Manfred Mann>>JACK BRUCE>>Bill Ward, West Bruce And Laing, BBM
D= Graham Bond, Masters Of Reality, Alexis Korner>>GINGER BAKER [PETER BAKER]>>Blind Faith, Solo, Baker Gurvitz Army, Alexis Korner, Masters Of Reality, BBM

The band was formed in 1966 and by the time of its demise, only four years later had managed to lay down tracks like I Feel Free and Sunshine Of Your Love that are considered as first examples of real heaviness, albeit with much bluesiness. The band’s first single was Wrapping Paper, which was issued on manager Robert Stigwood's Reaction label. Much like Led Zeppelin, the band was more successful in the USA than in its homeland.

Eric Clapton went on to lead a productive solo career. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton regrouped for one show at London's Royal Albert Hall in May of 2005. This constituted the band's first live show in 36 years. The reunion of Led Zeppelin two years later attracted a much bigger audience. Jack Bruce called Led Zeppelin’s reunion show of 2007 “crap” in an interview in May of 2009 and garnered some attention. He later would claim to have received death threats for expressing his opinion despite being somehow unserious about it all.

Bassist and singer Jack Bruce died on October 24th, 2014 as a result of liver disease. He was 71 years old. Ginger Baker termed heavy metal music as "an abortion" in an interview with Forbes in 2015. The drummer expressed his hatred at the music and imagery. Ginger Baker died on October 6th 2019. He was eighty-years-old.