Victimized - 1994 - Independent/BMG
Deadsoul - 1999 - Metal Blade
Cancer - 2001 - Metal Blade
No Gods No Masters – 2004 – Metal Blade
Sicario – 2005 – Metal Blade
White Hall – 2009 – Massacre
Akelarre – 2011 - Massacre
Fear Itself – 2016 – Metal Blade
Sacrificio – 2021 – Metal Blade

Criminal image
S= Pentagram, Inner Sanctvm>>ANTON REISENNEGER>>Inner Sanctvm

G= Pentagram, Lock Up, United Forces, Inner Sanctvm, Twilight Of The Gods>>ANTON REISENNEGER>>Lock Up, United Forces, Inner Sanctvm, Twilight Of The Gods



History & Biography
The band has been active since 1992 and is really the band of Reisenneger. There is a live EP called Live Disorder and the band has played from Mexico to Argentina with the likes of Bruce Dickinson and Napalm Death.

In 2015, Chile’s Criminal parted ways with Basque lead guitarist Olmo Cascallar. The Outside guitarist Sergio Klein was in. A new album was due that year. Criminal re-signed with Metal Blade and would have a new album in March of 2016. After re-signing with Metal Blade the band released its full-length Fear Itself on March 11th. The band recruited drummer Danilo Estrella replacing Zac O’Neil in 2018. The drummer was heard on the much delayed Sacrificio.