In Strange Aeons - 2013 - My Graveyard
Chronicles Of An Undead hunter – 2017 – Punishment 18
Inverno – 2020 – Punishment 18
It Came from The Stars - 2023 - Punishment 18

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Dark Ages, All Soul’s Day, Metalheadz, Kryuhm>>LUCA LUCCHINI>>Kryuhm

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History & Biography
Crimson Dawn was born as a collaboration between Dario Beretta and Emanuele Rastelli (Crown of Autumn and Magnifiqat) in the winter of 2005. Drakkar was on forced hiatus due to low sales at this time.

Crimson Dawn signed a deal with My Graveyard Productions in 2013 to release the album In Strange Aeons. The band, led by Dario Beretta (Drakkar) and Antonio Pecere (Rapid Fire and Betoken), played doom metal inspired by bands such as Candlemass and Black Sabbath. The album was recorded at Elnor Studio by Mat Stancoiu (Drakkar, Labyrinth, etc.) and mastered at Unisound Studio by Dan Swanö. It was scheduled for release in September, 2013. A Dawn In Crimson was the name of the band’s 2006 demo. The band was heard on the 2009 compilation Force Of Glory - Melodic Metal Compilation Vol. 1 with two of the three demo songs. Rusconi joined in 2011. The band had been on ice for a couple of years and become doom metal upon return. Singer and guitarist Emanuele Rastelli had left in 2009. At The Cemetery Gates was a 2015 EP, which featured a live track recorded at Malta Doom Festival 2014. The band toured with Doomocracy in support of its second album. Kryuhm, a metal band from Verona, recruited Luca Lucchini, drummer of Crimson Dawn and former drummer of the bands All Souls' Day and Dark Ages in 2020. The band intended to record in 2021. The group and Drakkar launched a Patreon page. The band’s label, Punishment 18, also signed Drakkar. Antonio Pecere left and was replaced by Claudio Cesari of Crawler. Dorian And Friends was a new charity project. The band issued a demo, called The Open Coffin, and presented its new singer Cesari. Crimson Dawn’s It Came from The Stars album was available through Punishment18 Records in April 2023. There was a video for the song Fade Away. Emanuele Lele Laghi left the band for "personal reasons" and replaced by Lele Triton of The Chronomaster Project, Love Machine, Highlord and Tethra.



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