The Covenant Progress - 2003 - Rivel
Veil Of Remembrance - 2004 - Rivel


S= Vital Decision>>SIMON "PILGRIM" ROSEN
G= Am I Blood, DivineFire, Sins of Omission, Renascent>>Jani Stefanovic>>Sins of Omission, Renascent - Admonish>>PER SUNDBERG - Sanctifica>>Huburtus Liljegren>>Sanctifica
B= Erik Tordsson


Crimson Moonlight was formed in 1997 in Jonkoping, Sweden by Gustav Elowsson, Petter Stenmarker and Simon Rosén from the ashes of Obsecration. The band sounded like an evil act, but was in fact a white metal unit. The band would issue two demos, Glorification Of The Master Of Light and Eternal Emperor, following which guitarist Jonathan would leave the fold.
Crimson Moonlight would sign to Rivel Records and soon issue its debut. Keyboardist Petter Edin left in early 2003. Jani Stefanovic was recruited, but would leave after Veil Of Remembrance. Johan Ylenstrand would join the band on bass at the end of 2004. The band replaced guitarist and bassist Erik Tordsson with Jocke Malmborg of Inevitable End in 2006.


At first sight Crimson Moonlight's new album conjures memories of albums by Blood Of Christ with its gothic cover shots, sombre atmosphere and black and white photography. In fact, Crimson Moonlight's music is more analogous to the like of its countrymen, Dawn and Dissection albeit with one difference. Crimson Moonlight is a white metal band. Shy of actually quoting lyrics from songs like Contemplations Along The Way or Limitation Of Everlasting Constancy suffice it to say that the band reveres Jesus and so forth.
Having said that, the band is not lacking in either metallic capability or aggressive delivery. The growls, screams, rapid fire drumming and screeching guitars could have been the fruits of any number of evil black metal minds. Crimson Moonlight is convincing in every respect and has the intensity to satisfy the most cynical of metal devotees. The band does seem to overstep the bounds of average enthusiasm first with the multiple salutations delivered to the local reverend and to Jesus Christ and then because the song The Cold Grip Of Terror is either a practical or a cruel joke. For it is nothing more than an amalgamation of Dissection riffs from Storm Of The Light's Bane played at a different tempo - seriously! Curious as that might be, do not let that or a band photo depicting six people put you off. This is not a false 'death metal' band with keyboards and there is enough great metal here to justify the purchase of this disc. - Ali "The Metallian"


Crimson Moonlight