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8 Convulsions - 1994 - Too Damn Hype
Deathshead Extermination - 1996 - Metal Blade
The Hollowing - 1997 - Metal Blade
Like Sheep Led To Slaughter - 2004 - The End

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KARYN CRISIS>>Solo, Gospel Of The Witches, Serpent


Gia Chuan Wang

Fred Waring - Josh Florian

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1993 in New York. Much was made of the fact that the quartet is multicultural and much was made of the fact that Crisis has a female singer - most notably by pointing out that her being a female is irrelevant. Crossover band Crisis garnered quite a hype upon its debut release. Deathshead Extermination was supported through a North American tour with Voivod and Pro-Pain. The band continued to write, record, and play shows under the name Skullsick Nation while searching for a drummer. The band relocated to California in 2000. The group would assert that California was more of a metal scene than New York. A hiatus ensued, but the act eventually entered the studio with producer Billy Anderson. The comeback album featured new members Hobson and Florian. In early 2005, Crisis reacted to the arrest of drummer Ryan Ball following an armed robbery in Pennsylvania on February 28th, 2005. "Contrary to published news reports Ryan Ball was let go from his duties as the Crisis drummer over two weeks ago," the band wrote in a statement. "We are currently working with another drummer, Justin Arman (ex-Society 1)." Apparently, Ball's immigration status was not in order and he was let go from the band after a very short tenure. M.O.D., and openers Crisis, toured using the Killith Fair monicker in 2005. The band's bassist, Gia Wang, left Crisis ostensibly because of family commitments in the autumn of 2005. Nick Weitzel, a friend of the band, was filling in on bass guitar for the Exodus tour following which the band was to hold auditions in order to complete its line-up. The band went on hiatus in early 2006. Guitarist Afzaal Nasirudeen and drummer Justin Arman would be performing with Son Of The Soil at the World Performing Arts Festival in Pakistan in November of 2006.

Karyn Crisis was seeking musicians for a new solo band in the spring of 2009. She was in the San Francisco Bay Area and could be contacted through

One-time Crisis singer Karyn Crisis had a new 2014 project called Gospel Of The Witches, which featured music composed by Ephel Duath’s Davide Tiso who also played guitar and bass. Singer Karyn Crisis was in a new electronica band called Serpent in 2019. Aural Music had signed Gospel Of The Witches. The label would release that band’s new album Covenant in October.


One supposes that if there ever was an appropriate time for a band called Crisis to make its return onto the scene that time would be now. The world is a mess.
Out of retirement and staffed with a couple of newbies, Crisis 2004 sounds like a proto-Kittie. The band wields a music most disharmonic and discordant with singer Karyn Crisis yelling, shrieking and even meowing like a powder keg. It is metal only because it's heavy and it is hardcore only because it is hard; otherwise Kittie is miles removed from anything anyone at Metallian Towers cares to listen to. Then again Corpus Apocalypse returns one to the heyday of Solitude Aeternus and that particularly heavy riff. So beware, be aware and make up your own mind. - Ali "The Metallian"