The Slugs>>CROWBAR - USA

Obedience Thru Suffering - 1992 - Grindcore
Crowbar - 1993 - Pavement
Time Heals Nothing - 1995 - Pavement
Broken Glass - 1996 - Pavement
Odd Fellows Rest - 1998 - Mayhem
Equilibrium - 2000 - Spitfire
Life's Blood For The Downtrodden - 2005 - Candlelight
Sever The Wicked Hand - 2011 - E1
Symmetry In Black - 2014 - E1
The Serpent Only Lies – 2016 - Steamhammer
Zero And Below – 2022 - MNRK

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Down, Suicide War, Kingdom Of Sorrow, Solo, Eye Am>>KIRK WINDSTEIN>>Down, Suicide War, Kindom Of Sorrow, Solo, Eye Am

Down, Suicide War, Kindom Of Sorrow, Solo, Eye Am>>KIRK WINDSTEIN>>Down, Suicide War, Kindom Of Sorrow, Solo, Eye Am – Eyehategod>>Kevin Noonan – Razor White>>Matt Thomas - Acid Bath, Goatwhore>>Sammy Pierre Duet>>Goatwhore – Kingdom Of Sorrow, Shedding Old Skin>>MATTHEW BRUNSON>>Kingdom Of Sorrow, Shedding Old Skin

Down>>Todd Strange>>Down, Eye Am – Goatwhore, Outlaw Order, Down>>Patrick Bruders>>Outlaw Order, Down, Saint Vitus – Guerra, My Uncle The Wolf, Thy Will Be Done>>Jeff Golden>>Lord Dying, Goatwhore – Down>>Todd "Sexy T." Strange>>Down – Demuredin, Riffer Madness, Black Magnolia>>SHANE WESLEY>>Riffer Madness, Black Magnolia

Craig Nunnenmacher>>Suicide War, Black Label Society, Jones’s Lounge - Eyehategod, The Slugs, Shellshock, Down>>Jimmy Bower>>Down, The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight, Jones's Lounge, C.O.C. – Southern Isolation, Valume Nab>>Sid Montz>>Valume Nab – Graveyard Rodeo, Drip, Soilent Green, Christ Inversion>>TOMMY BUCKLEY>>Soilent Green

History & Biography
The Americans seem to like album titles with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Perhaps they do not. Life started in 1991 and simply with a little-known album on Red Light of Chicago. The Slugs featured J. Bower of Eyehategod and through this and other connections, Crowbar was involved in the much hyped New Orleans scene with Eyehategod, Down, Exhorder and others. The band avoided leads and played down and dirty heavy rock. The band had interest from World Management (Morbid Angel) once and had toured with the likes of Pro-Pain and Paradise Lost. There was another Crowbar active in the '70s.

The band signed with Candlelight Records in 2004. Life's Blood For The Downtrodden, the band's label debut, was expected to see a February 8, 2005 stateside release date. The band was confirmed as support on COC's summer 2005 headline tour. Set to kick off June 2 at The Vogue in Indianapolis, the tour lasted into early July. The tour was Crowbar's second US run in support of its latest album, Lifesblood For The Downtrodden. The band spent time in 2006 working on a live DVD. Filmed in the summer of 2005 at the annual With Full Force Festival, the DVD was expected for release in early 2007. Most of the band’s back-catalogue was being reissued in 2009 by Phil Anselmo’s Housecore label. A new studio CD and a live album was also being worked on. Sammy Pierre Duet and Sid Montz were no longer part of the band. Guitarist Steve Gibb was asked to leave and immediately replaced with Matthew Brunson who played bass for Kingdom Of Sorrow, the project band of Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein. Crowbar signed a deal with E1 Music in the summer of 2010 and was working on a new album due that year. Crowbar then picked Sever The Wicked Hand as the title for its next album, which was due on February 8th, 2011 through E1 Music. In 2011 Bruders replaced Rex Brown in Down. Crowbar and Prong would conduct a U.S. tour in April of 2012. In late 2013, New Orleans’ Crowbar recruited bassist Jeff Golden. The Bolton, Connecticut native would be with the band when the act entered the studio in December to begin recording a new album for an early 2014 release. Bruders was out as given an ultimatum by Windstein the bassist had picked Down. Windstein himself was replaced in Down by stage manager Bobby Landgraf. Crowbar would release a new album, Symmetry In Black, on May 27th through Entertainment One Music. The act joined Battlecross and Lord Dying on The Summer Of Doom North American Tour of 2015. The trek would commence on May 28th in Shreveport, Louisiana and run through nearly three-dozen cities before winding down on July 3rd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Overkill toured Europe in November 2016 with support by Crowbar and thrash metal band Desecrator. Crowbar opened for Carcass in 2016 as well. Overkill would headline the 2017 edition of the Metal Alliance Tour with openers Crowbar, Havok, Black Fast and Invidia. Crowbar commemorated the twentieth anniversary of its 1998 Odd Fellows Rest album by performing it in its entirety at the Southport Hall in the group’s hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4th 2018. The concert also marked the exit of bassist Todd "Sexy T" Strange. Corrosion Of Conformity would tour North America in July 2019 using the A Quest To Believe, A Call To The Void II monicker. Crowbar was opening. The band was selling a compilation called Setlist Classics. Crowbar‘s Kirk Windstein released a solo album, entitled Dream In Motion, in January 2020 through eOne. Sepultura, Sacred Reich and Crowbar would tour North America in March in 2020.

Crowbar released a new album, called Zero And Below, through MNRK Heavy (formerly eOne Music) on March 4th 2022. A single, called Chemical Godz, was available first. Sacred Reich cancelled several 2022 shows on its tour with Sepultura after singer Phil Rind was taken to a hospital. Also on the bill were Crowbar and Art Of Shock. Gwar, Crowbar, The Native Howl and Nekrogoblikon were to tour the USA that spring using The Black Death Rager World Tour monicker. Crowbar and Spirit Adrift toured the USA using The Riff Beast Tour monicker in July and August 2022. Former Type O Negative musicians Kenny Hickey (vocals and guitar), Johnny Kelly (drums) and Kirk Windstein (vocals and guitar) and Todd Strange (formerly bass) had a new project called Eye Am in 2023. The new act was recording a song. Crowbar was booked for the resurrected Milwaukee Metal Fest in May 2023 and for Bloodstock in August 2023. Crowbar was touring the USA in September 2023. Primitive Man and Bodybox were opening select concerts. Crowbar and Morbid Visionz announced a two-week tour of the USA from March 30 to April 14th 2024.


This writer never liked Crowbar and never thought he might one day. As things stand though, this album is a real grower. The band's genuine riffing is either slow or steady and likely both and the singing - the depressed ogre sound - seems unfeigned and true to the heart. It is the band's allegiance to itself and the down to earth quality of the music that endears Crowbar anno 2005 to the listener. The riffs are simple, yet beefy and the songs kindred in spirit, but not composed out of necessity. Watch for the Led Zeppelin-ish Lifesblood at the end of the album. This release is probably Crowbar's best and easily suggested to fans of dirge metal. - Ali "The Metallian"


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