Festival Of Death - 1991 - Wild Rags
Pictures Of Heaven - 1993 - Wild Rags
Sickly Divine - 1996 - Wild Rags

Crucifer image
S= Platinum Axe>>JEFF RIDDLE


B= Platinum Axe>>STEVE SNYDER

D= Crystal Myth>>JEFF RIDDLE

History & Biography
Virginia, USA's Crucifier was one of the few bands which had a full-length deal with Wild Rags. The group was formed following the regrouping of members of Killer Instinct, a metal covers band. The band specialized in death metal. Oddly, the band's first concert was opening for Believer in 1990. Beyond The Realms was the immediate demo. The group appeared at Milwaukee Metal Music Mania in 1993.

The act disbanded in 1999 and hence was the subject of a compilation called The World Dies (1989-1999) by Wild Rags in that year. Pictures Of Heaven was reissued by Open Grave Records in 2007. The band gave it a thirtieth anniversary edition in 2023. The band disowns the Sickly Divine release because it considers the material unfinished. Nevertheless, the band began working on the material in 2022 with an eye on (re)releasing them, with additional unfinished songs, in 2023. The band reported it was working on new material again.