Vengeance Is Mine - 1989 - Crazy Life
Shock The World - 1990 - Crazy Life

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Rick Nolan - Dave Hval

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Dave Hval

History & Biography
Born in 1986 and named after a witch in a Disney story, Cruella was initially a quintet. DeCarlo formed the band after the folding of XINR following the death of two members of the latter band in a motorcycle accident. The group featured co-founder bassist Kate "Fate" Wilson (soon fired), Kirk Johnson on second guitar (who would leave the band to go to war and the army) and Wes Johnson on drums. A demo was called Metal Revenge. Another demo was called Power Metal. Cruella played a cross between thrash and power metal. With Nolan's departure, the band's drummer took over the vocals on Shock The World and the gang was a trio now. The band hailed from Oregon. The group split up in 1990, reformed in 1991 and definitively threw in the towel in 1992. In-between DeCarlo was with Arachnid and Conrad was with Lawless. Dave Hval died in 2003.

The band’s albums were re-released by Heaven & Hell Records in 2017, which followed the 1989 reissue of the debut by US Metal out of Germany. The band deemed this a thirtieth anniversary release. The band returned and recorded a demo called Rampage for 2019. Then disbanded again. DeCarlo had a whole new line-up. Kirk Johnson was back on guitar and bass, Tony Profitt sang (replacing Jym Harris who stayed for a year) and Kaleb Davis drummed.