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History & Biography
Catasexual Urge Motivation, or CUM for short, was a Japanese grindcore band which during the decade of its existence issued several underground releases, but never reached critical mass due to its underground stance. The brothers changed their name from Catharsis having discovered several bands utilizing the said name. Instead, the brothers used their side-project's name for their main act. CUM, itself, was originally called Erotogenic Motivation In Catasexuality. The band was formed in Tokyo in 1992 by two brothers and a drum machine. The duo did not utilize a bass either.
The band released several early demos between 1994 and 1996 called Catharsis, Rape Trauma Syndrome (Catharsis re-recorded with one bonus song) and Bizarre Abnormality. An EP was released in 1996 through Extermination Records. The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders was first issued in 1997, but was given another release with new artwork four years later by American outfit Razorback Records. The album featured a cover of the Impetigo song Defiling The Grave. The latter label also issued a compilation of the band's material in 2003 in co-operation with the now-defunct Japanese band.
CUM has participated in many split releases with, among others, Squash Bowels and Goropsy. The members also had a side-project called Sadistic Lingam Cult and issued a zine called Corporal Arts. The band termed itself Japanese-Cyber-Grind-Gore.


No more than a re-release with new packaging, this debut from this Japanese band (which incidentally is now called Vampiric Motives) probably didn't fall in too many laps when it appeared some four years ago. Musically (not that there is much of that here) it is gory grindcore with all the growls and drum machines for which a Mortician fan can ask. Still just the band photos on the J Card are worth your Dollar here. However, the true genius of this CD lies in the names given these sick songs. Titles like I Have a Good Knife for Penetration, Mass Murder the Only Way to Become God, Murder is Art Accepted by Many Artists and (check this out) He Shot Her Down And Ate Her Flesh And Then He Said 'Excuse Me for Living but I Preferred to be Eaten Rather than to Eat' really say more than any review ever can. - Ali "The Metallian"


Catasexual Urge Motivation