Brutal Destruction - 1986 - Roadrunner
Inferior To None - 1990 - Justice

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Pascal “Kalle” Van Lint>>Decadence, Trouble Agency - Warhead>>Didier Capelle - Johnny Kerbush

Michel de Rijdt - Stefan Daemen

Nicolas Lairin>>Dream Machine, Healer Of God - Death Squad>>Giancarlo Langhendries>>Warhead

History & Biography
The band was originally formed in 1980 as Centurion but had to change its name to avoid conflict with an English band of the same name. Cyclone's name was inspired by English act Dervish. These loud metallers seemed to have some momentum with their debut, which had followed their third tape, namely the In The Grip Of Evil demo. Stefan Daemen was on bass in 1985, but switched to vocals for the next five years. The band had previously appeared on the Belgian Metal Race sampler and declined an offer by Earthshaker Records, which was later to become Shark Records. The band toured with Blessed Death/Defender (in 1988), Anthrax/Agent Steel/Overkill (1986) and more. Guitarist Pablos Alvarez came from Death Squad and went on to Decadence with Kalle. The second album was recorded by Death manager Eric Grief and was thrashier. The band toured with Christian of Fear Factory as a member before calling it a day. The 1992 European tour was as openers for Sadus. Several members later helped found Channel Zero.

The band returned in 2019. Stefan Daemen was on guitar. New members were Kevin Verleysen on guitar, Vincent Heyman on bass and drummer Matthias Debaets. The band was booked at Blast From The Past with Sortilege, Acid and others for December 2020. The band appeared at the 2021 and 2022 editions of Alcatraz Metalfest. Gabriel Deschamps (Primevil) was the drummer as of 2022. The band appeared at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in late 2023. The band announced a European tour with Midnight and High Command for spring of 2024. The band was Gevels, guitarists Stefan Daamen and Kevin Verleysen, bassist Vincent Heyman (since 2019) and newer drummer Gabriel Deschamps.