Endless World - 2012 - BrightStar
Lady Made – 2013 - Victor
レリゴ!レリゴ!レリゴ! – 2013 – Victor
Limit Break – 2014 - Victor
Woman – 2015 – Victor
Urban Night – 2016 – Village Again Association

Cyntia image
Solo>>SAKI [YAMASHITA SAKI]>>Solo, Aldious

Liv Moon, YUI x syndrome>>YUI>>YUI x syndrome, CIGARPOCKETS


Matsukawa Kanoko


History & Biography
Fantasy pomp band Cyntia was active between 2011 and 2017. The group was part of the Girls Metal Band Boom. Guitarist Yui and drummer Kanoko founded the act. Airi was on bass in 2011 and reportedly left due to health issues and singer Saki joined late in the same year. The girls skipped the demo stage and issued an album on BrightStar, which was also Aldious’ label. They were running to the future. Saki aside, the rest of the girls were the backing band for South Korea’s Kara in Japan in 2013. The band switched to major label Victor for the second album and left no doubt which gender they are. レリゴ!レリゴ!レリゴ! was a live album. This was re-released with a new cover by the band in 2015 and sold during their show in Indonesia. Another Saki (this one earlier in Destrose and later in Nemophila) was a guitarist briefly in 2014. KISS KISS KISS was a 2015 single, which was also heard as the theme song for the Itazura Kiss 2 ~Love In Tokyo serial. Lest there was any doubt about the band’s gender issue Woman was issued in 2015 and the cover seemed to hint at Kpop while the music hinted at Jpop. A band’s song was heard on the Akatsuki No Yona anime. Co-founder Kanoko claimed health issues as she departed in 2015. Urban Night was on Village Again Association, which also worked with Aldious. A live video, Cyntia Live Tour 2017 ‒Urban Night‒, was recorded in Tokyo. Yui developed muscle problems and the group called it a day. In Japan, this is called 'going on hiatus.' The band’s final show was with Mary’s Blood.

Eye and Mari of Mary’s Blood were guests at a Yui solo concert. Yui was part of Saki of Mary’s Blood World Guitar Girl’s Collection. Singer Saki joined Aldious in 2019 and had a solo album called The One in 2020.