Malakis Reign>>CYPHER SEER - USA

Awakening Day- 2007 - Sentinel Steel

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S= New Eden, Legend Maker, Onward, Crescent Shield>>MICHAEL GRANT>>Onward, Crescent Shield

G= SERGIO RIBEIRO - Arctic Flame>>ROD MARIANI>>Arctic Flame


D= Gothic Knights>>KEVIN MYERS


History & Biography
Cypher Seer was formed in 2003 as Malakis Reign with James Rivera on vocals, but was forced to change its monicker “due to legal issues” before issuing its debut album four years later. Mike LePond of SymphonyX had guested on bass with the band for its first demo. The group anchored by Sergio Ribeiro signed with Sentinel Steel in 2007 for its debut album. The band was included in a Lizzy Borden tribute album in 2005 called Baptized In Blood.


Cypher Seer’s debut album Awakening Day is undoubtedly the disappointment of the year. What could have been the best power metal album this side of the century, alongside Dream Evil’s debut or Icarus Witch’s EP, has instead turned into a washed up and trendy mess.
One would not fret about it if the band did not have some particularly awesome riffs, incredibly fluid guitar solos and the best vocal performance by Onward’s Michael Grant ever. While the crunchy rhythm guitar sings Iced Earth’s name more than once, Awakening Day could have been an outstanding debut of which any band would have been proud. Then the synthesizers kick in. Several Metallian Towers servants were thrown to the lions because of it. How disappointing.
Awakening Day has some incredible metal on it that the band has seen fit to drown in wimpy keyboards, synthesizer solos and stupidity. The album might, as a result, be a buy for prog fans. Metal fans, however, should approach with trepidation. An advanced EQ system that would selectively target particular instruments would otherwise be strongly recommended. - Ali “The Metallian”


Cypher Seer