DAGORLAD - Belgium

Incantations – 1999 – II Moons
The End Of The Dark Ages – 2002 – Shiver
Herald Of Doom – 2008 - Shiver

Dagorlad image
S= Crossfire, Warhead>>Patrick De Vidts [Patrick Van Londerzele]>>Crossfire – Against The Flow, Apocalypse Survivors>>AOD [FREDERIC MERCIER]

G= Against The Flow, Apocalypse Survivors>>COUNT ZAROFF [PHILIPPE GANDIBLEU]>>Apocalypse Survivors

B= Apocalypse Survivors>>COUNT ZAROFF [PHILIPPE GANDIBLEU]>>Apocalypse Survivors


History & Biography
This gothic act has been around since 1997 and issued the On The Moonless Nights (1997) and The Warriors Of The Ancient Battle (1999) demos. Patrick of Crossfire fame sang on the first album. The act used a drum machine.

Dagorlad was an area in Middle Earth of Tolkien and the site of a battle.

Sometimes it is painful to review an album. This is not exclusively because the album is so abysmal that to listen is to suffer. Rather faced with a bad album, the reviewer has to recall the sweat and tears gone into the making the said record. Additionally much money's been invested into the venture and so giving an album thumbs down is often difficult having considered these factors. Still a review is an opinion and one that bears in mind the responsibility of the journalist to the readers and veracity. Dagorlad's was a particularly difficult album to listen to over and over. The band attempts a cross between Cradle Of Filth and Rhapsody and, you guessed it, that trip is fraught with horns, K&F (keyboards & female vocals), accented intros and the tired tales of evil princes and scary dragons. The critics constant demand for innovation and originality has forced us to listen to a bunch of retrograde bands (K&F, flute, etc.) which disregard the basic ground rules of metal. One such band is Dagorlad whose inclusion here is pushing the boundaries of metal - although not in the way the band would have thought or hoped.