Do Not Spit - 1993 - Black Hole
Token remedies Research - 1997 - Rotten
Purified In Pain - 2000 - Rotten

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Jaymi Ludbrook>>Throes - Jaymi Ludbrook>>Throes - Earth>>Brendan Burge>>Earth – Brutal Truth, SOB, Naked City>>KEVIN SHARP>>Venomous Concept

Magnacite, Running With Scissors, Discordia>>HILLY [CHRIS HILL]>>Discordia, Running With Scissors - Mat Silcock>>Heaven The Axe – PAUL MEDIC>>36 Minutes Of Murder, Threshold

Jason ‘Mohawk’ Parker - Order Of Chaos>>TERRY VAINORAS>>Order Of Chaos, Earth, Subterranean Disposition

Blood Duster, Anatomy, Engraved, Destroyer 666, Abramelin, Fracture, Sadistik Execution>>MATT SKITZ SANDERS>>Engraved, Destroyer 666, Abramelin, Anatomy, Fracture, Sadistik Execution, Hellspawn, Berserkerfox, Gravetemple

History & Biography
Skitz undoubtedly is the single most important element in the whole Aussie metal scene's backbone. Proving that he has Swedish blood in him, the only Australian band he has not drummed for is probably... AC/DC!

Grinders Damaged were formed in 1989 and released a demo called The Art Of Destroying Life in 1992. An album was recorded but the band broke apart with Jaymi departing. However, interest from US label Rotten (signing the band for five albums) had the band reforming and recording the Token... album, which was produced by DRI's Spike Cassidy.

Jaymi left the band again and was replaced several times. Although the band even performed sans vocalist once! Australia's Damaged lost vocalist Brendan (to his main band Earth) just before recording album three Purified In Pain. Rumour had it that Kevin Sharp may do the album and he did. Damaged officially broke up in early 2004. Terrorust emerged a year or two later.