Every Dog has Its Day - 1988 - SPV
Stop This War - 1989 - SPV
Angel Juice - 1995 - Mourning Star

Damienb image
S= Randy ‘Wolf’ Mikelson>>Wolf Gang, Fetish Doll - Scott Miller>>Brothers Grim – Wolf Gang, Fetish Doll>>RANDY “WOLF” MIKELSON>>Fetish Doll
G= Fritz Adamshick - Stohl:N>>CHUCK STOHL>>Stohl:N
B= Bones Garage, Southern Gentlemen, Chastain, Edge Of Thorns, Vainglory>>KEVIN KEKES>>Bones Garage, Southern Gentlemen, Chastain, Edge Of Thorns, Vainglory
D= Johnny Cappelletty>>Fetish Doll - Rob Brug>>Bones Garage, Halloween, Warrion, Ichabod Krane - Fetish Doll>>JOHNNY ‘EVIL’ CAPPELLETTY

Damien played hard 'n heavy, was formed as early as 1981 and came from Toledo, Ohio. The early incarnations was that of a cover band, but originals won the day around 1985. The band recorded the Hammers Of The Gods and Onslaught Without Mercy demos in 1986. Wolf left in 1990 and was replaced with Troy Moore. Moore was replaced by Scott Miller. Miller was heard on Angel Juice. Miller, in turn, was replaced by the returning Wolf. The first two records were re-released in 2005 by PowerPlay Records in the USA. SPV had another Damien on its roster earlier too. A demo called Beyond Apathy emerged in 2011. Candle Of Life was a 2018 compilation and DVD that was taped in the early ‘90s. Like-wise St. Clair Tapes of 2018 featured demo tracks. Stohl was a guitar teacher.