The Sign Of The Jackal - 1986 - Cobra


S= Justin Fate
G= Michael Monroe - Ken Star - KEN MANDAT
B= Sanders Pate - Matt Heuser
D= Pete Pagnois - Tommy Krez


Lifting its monicker from the seminal horror film, The Omen Chicago's Damien Thorne began delivering heavy metal in Chicago as early as 1983. The band issued a demo in 1984 and signed with Cobra Records for The Sign Of The Jackal. Notice the continuation of The Omen theme. This album was reissued by Iron Glory records in 2003. Shows with Nuclear Assault and others followed. Two years passed before the band had a new release. The EP was called Former Life and issued as an indie release as the act had parted ways with its label. The band relocated to Los Angeles in search of the illusive deal, but eventually made its way back to Chicago.
The band returned in the '90s for more abuse. Wrath Of Darkness was recorded in the 1987, but not issued until 2001 through Criminal Records. It featured Former Life as bonus material. Vocalist Dave Gibson was drafted in 2004. 2005's Haunted Mind was an independent full-length. The line-up here was singer Joe Martin, guitarist Ken Mandat, bassist Rick Browz and drummer Mike Browz. The latter was a new recruit who was joining his brother who had left the band in its infancy.



Damien Thorne