Reborn... - 1995 - Pagan
Rebel Souls - 1996 - Last Epitaph
Resist - 2000 - Dark Realm/Cudgel

Damnation image
Les [Leszek Dziegielewski] - Behemoth, Hell-born>>RAVEN [ADAM MURASZKO]>>Hell-born

Behemoth, Hell-born>>Les [Leszek Dziegielewski]>>Behemoth, Hell-born, Black Altar, Ofermod - Azarath, Cenotaph, Armagedon>>BART [BARTLOMIEJ SZUDEK]>>Azarath, Cenotaph, Armagedon

Behemoth, Helevorn>>Nergal [Adam Michał Darski]>>Behemoth, Wolverine, Me And That Man, Voodoo Gods - Dagon - Anima Vilis, Behemoth>>Holocausto [Wojciech Waskowski]>>Goat Tyrant, Evaporation

Inferno [Zbigniew Robert Promiński]>>Behemoth, Azarath, Christ Agony, Deus Mortem, Witchmaster, Terrestrial Hospice - Major Smiss>>Varien [Wawrzyniec Chyliński]>>Forest Of Impaled, Einhorn, Against The Plagues, Road's End

History & Biography
Closely related to Behemoth, Damnation was formed in 1991 and released the Everlasting Sickness ('93) and Forbidden Spaces ('94) tapes. The band released a split CD with Behemoth on Last Epitaph (today's Last Episode) to fulfil its contractual obligations with that label. Coronation was an EP from 1997. Promo '98 got the band a deal with Dark Realm over in the USA.

Damnation can be heard on a King Diamond tribute CD on Necropolis Records and a Morbid Angel tribute CD on Dwell Records where they performed Bleed For The Devil.
The band's latest recruits were former Azarth man Bruno on bass and drummer Mark from the band Demise. He debuted on the band's 2001 tour with Krisiun. In 2003, the band released a compilation of the act's earlier material called Resurrection Of Azarath. The compilation included the Rebel Souls (1996), Coronation (1998) demos, a Promo '98 which was never released, as well as two cover versions.