Danger Danger - 1989 - Imagine
Screw It - 1992 - Epic
Dawn - 1995 - Low Dice
Four The Hard Way - 1997 - Low Dice
Thereturnofthegreatgildersleeves - 2000 - Low Dice
Live & Nude - 2005 - Low Dice
Revolve - 2009 - Frontiers

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Prophet>>Ted Poley>>Bone Machine, Melodica, Solo - Solo>>Paul Laine>>Shugaazer, The Defiants – Prophet, Bone Machine, Melodica, Solo>>TED POLEY>>Solo, Tokyo Motor Fist

Andy Timmons>>Solo - Saraya>>Tony Bruno Rey>>Saraya – Hotshot, Michael Bolton, The Defiants>>BRUNO RAVEL>>The Defiants - Solo>>Andy Timmons – Iron Horse, House Of Lords, The Defiants>>ROB MARCELLO>>The Defiants, House Of Lords

Michael Bolton, The Defiants>>BRUNO RAVEL>>The Defiants


Get With It>>Kasey Smith – Get With It>>Kasey Smith

History & Biography
New York's Danger Danger was formed in 1988 by Ravel, West and singer Mike Pont and garnered a deal with Imagine, a subsidiary of Columbia Records. The debut was supported touring with the likes of Extreme and Alice Cooper and went gold. Laine (a Canadian who had worked with Scorpions in the past) had an album called Stick It In Your Ear. Danger x 2 was a hard rock band and has had several successful singles like Monkey Business and Bang Bang.

'90s not being kind to hard'n'heavy music, the band is dropped and forms its own label. Subsequent albums are usually recorded and mixed between Canada and the United States. In 2001 the band releases a double CD sampler called Cockroach featuring tracks sung by both of the band's singers. This album was originally due for release in 1992 but was cancelled when Poley successfully sued the gang!

Paul Laine released an album with his new band Shugaazer in late 2003. The band also arranged for the release of Rare Cuts compilation in 2003. Ted Poley returned in 2004 and the band performed at the Sweden Rock festival. An album called Live & Nude featuring former lead vocalist Paul Laine was issued in 2005. In 2007, Frontiers Records announced the signing of the band for the release of a new studio album for 2008. Frontiers Records announced September 18th, 2009 as the release date for Danger Danger's new album, Revolve. The band featured singer Ted Poley again. The group was basically broken up until a 2014 reunion was announced. Frontiers Music would release The Defiants' self-titled and debut album on April 15th 2016. The Defiants featured Paul Laine, Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello of Danger Danger. Ted Poley and Trixter guitarist Steve Brown had a new 2017 project called Tokyo Motor Fist. Its self-titled album was out in February through Frontiers. Former Rainbow drummer Chuck Burgi was also in.


Here is album number five, I believe, from these former major label rockers and the album is quite a nostalgia trip. The album title is reference to a long-closed rock club in NYC, and all the fun that went with it. Even more nostalgia is supplied via songs like Six Million Dollar Man, which is a reference to the seventies series and comes with digital samples, My Secret (which reminisces about a young boy and his radio), etc. Musically the band really are both an AOR and a hard rock band. While songs like Cherry Cherry and Dead Drunk & Wasted rock hard, the band is often very AOR in it approach, with singer Paul Laine coming across as very Bon Jovi-esque, something that is very characteristic of the band itself. Although it must be noted that the band pondered a name change three years ago following a style change. Fans of the style should take a definite look at this release. - Ali "The Metallian"


Danger Danger