Dangerous Toys - 1989 - CBS
Hellacious Acres - 1991 - CBS
Pissed - 1994 - DMZ
The Rtist 4Merly Known As Dangerous Toys - 1995 - Dead Line
Vitamins & Crash Helmets Tour - 1999 - Dead line

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Assalant, Watchtower, Happy Kitties, Broken Teeth>>JASON McMASTER>>Broken Teeth, Ignitor, Cassius King

Onyx>>SCOTT DALHOVER - Danny Aaron - Dirty Looks, Broken Teeth>>PAUL LIDEL>>Broken Teeth

Onyx>>Mike Watson>>Broken Teeth - Lust, Salty Dog>>MICHAEL HANNON>>Bogus Toms, Hilljack, American Dog


History & Biography
The band was formed in Austin in 1987. Texas band Dangerous Toys was formed by three Onyx members and soon signed to CBS and released a well-received debut. The band participated on the Shocker soundtrack, had some MTV coverage and released another album with CBS before being dropped. DT had also opened The Operation Rock & Roll Tour with Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Motörhead and Metal Church. The band's mascot is a cross between Iron Maiden's Eddie and a clown. The 1999 album is a live one. The band never quite officially disbanded but is considered inactive. Nevertheless, the group performed a 20th-anniversary concert on November 8th, 2008 at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin, Texas with all original members participating.

Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys and Broken Teeth was inducted into the South Texas Music Walk Of Fame on June 4th in his hometown Corpus Christi, Texas. The group had its thirtieth anniversary in 2017, and EMP was issuing a Dirty Thirty Remastered CD and LPs of the back-half of the band’s catalog including Pissed, The Rtist 4merly Known As Dangerous Toys, And XX: Live beginning that September. The band was booked for Monsters Of Rock Cruise in 2024. The band was also booked for The Mountain Music Festival in August in Tennessee, USA alongside several of the bands from the cruise.



Dangerous Toys