Totentanz - 1998 – Mascot
Eva – 2001 - Hammerheart

Danse Macabre image
S= Addix, Ancient Rites, Lion's Pride, Division 99, Iron Clad>>GUNTHER THEYS>>Ancient Rites, Lion's Pride, Division 99, Iron Clad – JUDITH “CIARA” STUBER
G= Prestige, Heppihirvlo, Lacrimosa, Angel, Angel Rites, Imperia>>JAN YRLUND>>Heppihirvlo, Angel Rites, Imperia, Prestige
B= Prestige, Lacrimosa>>Jan Yrlund – MILOS MARICEVIC
D= MERJIN MOL>>Imperia

An early 7" was recorded but never released after the label Molon Lave bit the dust. Theys recruited Yrlund and began work anew - this time without the original Greek members, M.W. Daoloth and Sotiris Vagenas. This side-project saw several years to complete and had the participation of many guest musicians. The band's music was very gothic. Mol and Maricevic arrived for the second album. Matters Of The Heart was a 2002 EP, which featured several re-mixes. The group changed its monicker in 2004.



Danse Macabre