Moth Killers>>DARK AGES - ITALY

Saturnalia - 1991 - Video Star
Teumman Part One - 2011 – Emmeciesse
Teumman Part Two – 2013 – Heart Of Steel
A Closer Look – 2017 – Andromeda Relix
Between Us – 2022 – Andromeda Relix

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Barbara Guia - Davide Maria Cagnata - ROBERTO ROVERSELLI


Thunder Dome>>Matteo Grazioli - Marco Gennari - GAETANO CELOTTI

All Souls' Day>>Luca Lucchini>>All Souls' Day, Metalheadz, Crimson Dawn, Kryuhm - CARLO BUSATO


History & Biography
Dark Ages is a semi-obscure Italian epic metal band with a female singer until 1992. The group was formed by Calciolari under another monicker in 1982, but obtained a stable line-up in 1986. A first album only appeared in 1991. Video Star is also responsible for the rare Morgana album. Many members still came and went and the band was essentially on ice as of 2003 following the departure of Roncaia.

Following its reformation the band issued Teumman Part One through Emmeciesse and in 2013 Teumman Part Two independently. The latter was licensed to Heart Of Steel. Bassist Gaetano Celotti and singer Roberto Roverselli joined in 2016. Between Us was a concept about the fears and courage of man. The album was recorded at the Mago Studio by Maurizio “Tachy” Fracchetti. This album followed Teumman and Teumman Part 2 (2011-2013), both set in ancient Assyria, which inspired a theatrical adaptation, and A Closer Look of 2017. Dark Ages and Watershape, two Italy-based progressive metal acts, announced they would conduct a mini-tour of Europe using The Prog Over Nations Tour monicker in October 2022.

Unlike most bands the members of Dark Ages seem dedicated to their group and do not participate in a dozen bands simultaneously.



Dark Ages