Unholy Hate Gore - 2004 - Morbid
Kill Everything - Worship Nothing - 2006 - Mad Lion

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Mat Sicko Sergeant – Rez [Kevin Lawrence]>>Swallow The Dog, Bound By The Grave

Rez [Kevin Lawrence]>>Bound By The Grave – Josh “The Snake” Griffith

G [Greg Melony]

Imperial Conquest, Brutality>>MADDOG [EARL ZAMBELLA]>>Imperial Conquest, Brutality

History & Biography
Dark Disciple was formed in 1999 near Baltimore, Maryland. The band released a demo called When The Wicked Inherit The Earth in 2000, Beneath The Inverted Cross in 2002 and obtained a deal with Germany's Morbid Records. The group had already played the Milwaukee Metal Fest in 2002. The band's vocalist changed - Bones was out, Sicko was in - before the recording of the debut album. Unholy Hate Gore was issued in April of 2004. Metal Mike of Divine Rapture designed the CD’s artwork. A track off the album appeared on a Century Media compilation CD. The band was on the bill for the Fuck The FCC Fest in 2004. A tour with Monstrosity fell apart after attendances were sparse. The band next signed with a label further east in Europe, Mad Lion. An album was issued in 2006, but Sicko committed suicide on the 26th of November of 2008. Rez would take sole responsibility for vocals. The group went its merry way only to reappear with new members in 2013. Only Maddog remained.


Dark Disciple is a hitherto underground band from Maryland with rabidly anti-Christian views and music that smacks of Morbid Angel, Deicide and Vital Remains. The short, but vicious, album features ten death metal tracks with speed, heaviness and gruff vocals. The lead guitarists occasionally launches into an early Morbid Angel guitar diddling which is good to hear. On the other hand, the album's sound leaves a lot to be desired. The demo-quality recording must originally have been an independent recording which Morbid Records eventually pressed onto CD. The drum sound, to be specific, varies from heavy to light and pots and panish. The guitars are muffled and lose some of their power because of the recording quality.
Dark Disciple's debut album is a trade-off between the brutality of death metal and the limitations of a small recording budget. - Ali "The Metallian"

In metal, there are extreme bands and there are extreme bands. These spreaders of blasphemy, hatred, misogyny, misanthropy, pornography, muck and death are the real extreme. No one and nothing is left safe. The album title is not a fluke. Songs that take on mothers, fathers, pussy, girlfriends, society, government and religion make Deicide and Morbid Angel sound mainstream in comparison. Brutal death metality is apparently a way of life for these gents whose lyrics need to be read and believed. The band’s unintentionally funny intros set up the tracks well and must have taken some time to set up. The one where the band showers Deicide tattoo artist with bullets is probably the best. The promoter booking Dark Disciple is just as good. The title to Prey For Death might be an American’s attempt at English and the lyrics to Pussy Is The Enemy contradict itself being back and forth on sleeping with chicks or not, but Dark Disciple waves the flag of violence and evil with a new record and authority. The music is everything real death metal fans would want and probably an aural enema for fans of In Flames. Get this one for the lyrics, the music, the attacks on Monstrosity or the picture of the butt with the graffiti if you can find it. - Anna Tergel


Dark Disciple