Tales from Eternal Dusk - 2001 - Red Stream
Profane Genocidal Creations - 2003 - Red Stream
Stab Wounds - 2004 - Black Attakk
Seance - 2006 - Century Media
Eidolon - 2008 - Century Media
Ylem - 2010 - Century Media
Venereal Dawn – 2014 - Century Media
Spectres From The Old World – 2019 - Century Media

Dark Fortress image
S= Sindecade>>Azathoth>>Sindecade - Noneuclid>>MOREAN [FLORIAN MAGNUS MAIER]>>Noneuclid
G= Carnage, Crom>>ASVANGR>>Crom – Crom [Walter Grosse]>>Sindecade - The Shroud, Celtic Frost>>V. SANTURA>>Celtic Frost
B= Zoltan>>Cremation – Crom [Walter Grosse]>>Crom, Sindecade - The Shroud>>T. KILLER [DRAUG]
D= Charon - Noneuclid, Daylight Misery>>SERAPH>>Noneuclid, Daylight Misery
K= Thamuz – Noneuclid, Solo>>PAYMON>>Noneuclid, Solo – Dood, Hate Meditation, Beliar, Nachtmystium>>PHENEX [JOB BOS]>>Beliar, Nachtmystium

Asvargr formed Dark Fortress, a German black metal band from Landshut, in 1994. Another German Dark Fortress, with a more melodic disposition, was being constructed around the same time. The Rebirth Of The Dark Age demo soon appeared from the band. The group also appeared on a split album with Barad Dür and on the From the Mystic Forest - Part II sampler. Crom handled guitar and bass on the debut before departing shortly afterwards. A second album was announced for 2001 entitled Profane Genocidal Creations. Crom and Charon left at the tail end of 2001. The band signed with Neon Knights in 2003. Stab Wounds was issued in 2004 through Black Attakk. Imperium Productions issued Stab Wounds album on vinyl in 2005. Century Media signed the group in late 2005 and announced that the band’s fourth full-length CD, Séance, would be released in February of 2006.

Crom and Azathoth’s Sindecade side-project launched an EP in early 2006. V. Santura was awarded the position of live guitarist in Celtic Frost in 2007. Singer Azathoth was booted from the band soon thereafter due to non-musical differences. The band was cancelling forthcoming shows. Eidolon was issued at the beginning of 2008. It was a concept album featuring Celtic Frost’s Fischer on the song Baphomet. The group’s own singer was Noneuclid (featuring the band’s Paymon) guitarist Morean. Germany’s Dark Fortress would release a new album, called Ylem, through Century Media Records in January of 2010. The band was touring Europe with Satyricon. Venereal Dawn’s US CDs contained a mistake with missing lyrics for the song Betrayal And Vengeance. Morean sang on Haradwaith’s demo. The bands had played together before. Spectres From The Old World shows in 2020 were obviously cancelled.

Dark Fortress was no more as of 2023. After touring Europe with The Spirit and Asphagor the band thew in the towel. The band’s appearance at California, USA’s Deathfest VI in 2022 became the band’s first and last foray into that country.


It is easy to undo or stain any good music with unnecessary and pointless synthesizers. This is the lesson or impression one gets with Eidolon and Dark Fortress. The start with The Silver Gate holds some promise as it borrows a riff or two from Susperia’s Years Of Infinity but very soon is plagued by the presence of the aforementioned synthesizers that barely add atmosphere, if that is indeed the intended use. As a sign of hope just after the four minute mark the song gets heavier, faster and is generally very solid and even approaches the realms of Marduk and Dissection. Cohorror starts heavy and for the most part remains so, but is again not helped much where the band insists on sounding like Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk era Emperor or Dimmu Borgir in general. Baphomet takes the Volcano era Satyricon route and at times can be mistaken for Fuel For Hatred. Interestingly, the bands had toured together not too long before Eidolon’s release. The Unflesh is again generally heavy interspersed with melody or atmosphere. Analepsy starts off in raw black metal form but nevertheless has too much of the needless. Edge Of Night sounds like a repeat of Baphomet but with more effects thrown in. No Longer Human is Emperor. Catacrusis has a heavy/power metal starting riff then has some moments ala Marduk. Antiversum closes Eidolon and sometimes sounds like two song recorded on top of each other, something melodic or experimental hovering over a metal song. The presence of Tom Fischer, on Baphomet, on backing vocals and a mystical concept thought up by new singer Morean are seen as selling points, but ditching the obvious helps this sextet (or is it quintet?) even more. Chance at something much better missed. - Anna Tergel


Dark Fortress