The Secrets Of The Black Arts - 1996 - No Fashion
Vobiscum Satanas - 1998 - No Fashion
Diabolis Interium - 2001 - No Fashion
De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine - 2004
Regain Attera Totus Sanctus - 2005 - Regain
Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus – 2009 - Regain
Where Shadows Forever Reign – 2016 – Century Media
We Are The Apocalypse – 2022 – Century Media

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S= Infernal, Stigmata, Wolfen Society, Satan's Disciples, War>>Themgoroth [Paul Marital]>>War, Stigmata, Wolfen Society, Nailstate - Hypocrisy, Dominion Caligula, God Among Insects, Demonoid, Sanctification>>Emperor Magus Caligula [Masse Broberg]>>Dominion Caligula, God Among Insects, Demonoid. Sanctification, Witchery – Diabolic Lust, Cursed 666, Grá, Cursed 13, Domgård>>HELJARMADR [ANDREAS VINGBÄCK]>>Grá, Cursed 13, Domgård
G= Necrophobic, Blackmoon>>Blackmoon [David Parland]>>Necrophobic, Blackmoon, War - Stigmata, Wolfen Society, Satan's Disciples>>LORD AHRIMAN [MICKE SVANBERG]>>Stigmata, Wolfen Society - Dominion Caligula>>Dominion>>Dominion Caligula – Mordichrist, Skellington, Mefisto>>CHAQ MOL [BO KARLSSON]>>Mordichrist, Mefisto
B= Infernal, Stigmata, Wolfen Society, Satan's Disciples, War>>Themgoroth [Paul Marital]>>War, Stigmata, Wolfen Society, Nailstate - Hypocrisy, Dominion Caligula>>Emperor Magus Caligula [Masse Broberg]>>Dominion Caligula – Epitaph>>B-Force [Benny Fors]>>Omnidize - Angrepp, Withershin>>Natt [Andreas Fröberg]>>Gra – Excruciate, Denied, Therion, Grave, Berzerker Legion>>ADRA-MELEK [FREDRIK ISAKSSON]>>Berzerker Legion
D= Incursion>>Draugen [Joel Andersson]>>Expurgate, The Sin, War, Svartsysn - Gaahnfaust [Robert Lundin]>>Dominion Caligula, Vicious Art - Infernal, The Hidden, Defleshed, Non-Exist, Sportlov>>Matte Modin>>Defleshed, Non-Exist, Skineater, Fireborn – A*Teem, Sanctification, Aeon, In Battle, Souldrainer, The Wretched End>>Dominator [Nils Fjellström]>>Aeon, In Battle, A*Teem, The Wretched End, Horde Of Hel, Odium, 1349 - A*Teem, Sanctification, Aeon, In Battle, Souldrainer, The Wretched End, Eldkraft>>Dominator [Nils Fjellström]>>Aeon, In Battle, A*Teem, The Wretched End, Eldkraft, Horde Of Hel, Odium, 1349 – Ruined Soul, Despite, Deals Death, Night Crowned, Bloodshot Dawn, Imperium, Evocation, Ironmaster, Aeon>>JALOMAAH [JANNE JALOMA]>>Ruined Soul, Despite, Night Crowned, Imperium, Evocation, Ironmaster, Aeon

Dark Funeral was the result of a project put together in 1993 by Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman. Naturally the band's self-titled 1994 EP would appear on Blackmoon's and Lord Ahriman's Hellspawn Records. This EP was licensed for Poland to Carrion Records. In the meanwhile several line-up changes occurred.

The Secrets Of The Black Arts is attempted first at Dan Swano's Uni-Sound Studio, but the recording is better completed with Peter Tagtgren at Abyss Studio. Metal Blade releases this album in the USA. Founding member Blackmoon, who had in the meanwhile left his other band Necrophobic, was also out of the revolving door. The band toured Europe with Necromass under the Satanic War Tour I monicker. 1997 brought the band to the USA for The Expo Of The Extreme and a tour with Usurper - Destroyer 666 and Acheron having earlier cancelled. In 1998 the band saw several more line-up changes (Masse is back on bass again), before the band toured Europe with Infernal Majesty and Cannibal Corpse. The year 2000 brought the Teach The Children To Worship Satan EP (the band's debut EP is also re-released with a different cover), which is recorded by Tommy Tagtgren and a tour with Deicide, Immortal, etc. That album, incidentally, depicted Ahriman's daughter on the cover. Matte Modin replaced Gaahnfaust at this point and the band played in Canada. The band's third album was produced by Peter Tagtgren and was no disappointment to fans and friends. An Apprentice Of Satan, originally from the last EP, was revisited on Diabolis Interium. In fine Scandinavian fashion, each member of the band is involved with other projects and Masse is not really Emperor Caligula!

The year 2002 was spent touring. The band first toured Europe where the opening bands were let go due to financial difficulties. The band then hit America with Cannibal Corpse and Incantation where Caligula concentrated on the vocals handing the bass to former Carbonized/Dismember/Unanimated and current Dismember and Murder Squad bassist Richard Cabeza. That summer guitarist Dominion left the act in order to "pursue other musical avenues." He also went on to a local university. His last act, as a member of Dark Funeral, was an Asian tour.

Later in 2002 the band, and their MNW label, issued a statement accusing Necropolis Records of embezzlement and financial impropriety. Nevertheless, the band also left the MNW label and signed with Regain Records in late 2003. A live and a studio album were announced for 2004. The summer of 2004 also brought a new EP called Devil Pigs which contained the band's debut EP, a couple of cover versions and material by Von. Candlelight USA released De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine, the live album from Dark Funeral, in 2005. The band's fourth studio album, Attera Totus Sanctus, was issued in the late summer of 2005 and was the first featuring guitarist Chaq Mol. Recorded at Dug Out Studio and produced by Daniel Bergstrand, it also featured a guest performance by bassist Gustaf Hielm (ex-Meshuggah). The band was forced to cancel several European shows in April, 2007 following the unavailability of drummer Matte Modin. The man was apparently on the road with another group without notice. Dark Funeral was seeking a new drummer and was working on a video. Drummer Nils Fjällström (Aeon, Sanctification etc) joined in late spring and was henceforth called Dominator. The band’s vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula replaced Therion's Christofer Johnsson in Demonoid in November of 2007. The group announced the release of a second DVD recorded during the band's tour in support of the Attera Totus Sanctus album. Attera Orbis Terrarum - Part 2, was recorded in South America and was expected in May of 2008. It was issued in November instead. The group prevailed in court and secured the rights to its No Fashion Records back catalogue (1996 to 2001) following a legal battle with the label that ended in late 2008. The material’s rights had reverted back to Lord Ahriman and Caligula.

Dark Funeral set Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus as the title for its upcoming new full-length scheduled for release in November of 2009. Said guitarist Lord Ahriman in an update: "Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy is currently mixing our new album at his Abyss Studios. Once we have approved the final mix, Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) will be mastering it. After nearly 30,000 views, the uncensored version of the video for the song My Funeral by Dark Funeral was pulled from MySpace. The band attributed the incident to censorship.

Singer Magnus "Masse" Broberg (a.k.a. Emperor Magus Caligula) announced his departure from the band in July of 2010. The Summer Breeze festival in Germany on August 21st would be the vocalist’s last show. Magnus was getting married. The band was seeking a replacement and candidates could contact the band at vocalist@darkfuneral.se. The band was re-joined by drummer Nils Fjallstrom in the summer of 2011. Dark Funeral had also recruited vocalist Nachtgarm of Negator to replace Emperor Magus Caligula who left in 2010. Singer Legion had left Witchery and was replaced by Emperor Magus Caligula. Dark Funeral also recruited bassist Zornheym. ‘Circumstances beyond our control’ was the new ‘for personal reasons’: Dark Funeral postponed its North American tour, which was due to begin on January 29th, 2012. In 2012, Dark Funeral signed a three-album deal with Century Media Records. The band was last on the bankrupt Regain Records. Following its recent signing to Century Media Records, Dark Funeral would reissue its previous six albums. Following Blackmoon’s death the band was still looking for a vocalist. In late 2014, Dark Funeral picked up singer Heljarmadr (Cursed 13) and bassist Natt of Angrepp. Half a dozen years after the last full-length the band released a new album, called Where Shadows Forever Reign, on June 3rd through Century Media. Dark Funeral lost drummer Nils “Dominator” Fjellström to “personal matters” in late 2017 and recruited Evocation’s Jalomaah. Vale Of Pnath, Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Incantation, and others would be on the Devastation On The Nation North American tour in 2019. 25 Years Of Satanic Symphonies was a 2019 box set through Century Media. We Are The Apocalypse was scheduled for March 2022. Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Immolation and Black Anvil announced a tour of Canada and the USA that November and December. Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Ingested and Stormruler announced a tour of Europe the March and April after. The Decibel Magazine Tour 2023 featured Dark Funeral, Cattle Decapitation, 200 Stab Wounds and Blackbraid.


I will readily admit that the numerous line up changes, wimp out and falsehood accusations and misdirected marketing ploys have taken their toll on my relationship with Dark Funeral. Which is why I am so surprised at the impressive nature of Diabolis Interium. Diabolis Interium is an incredibly together and organized assault on all that is weak and diluted in today's metal scene. A cursory glance at the cover is enough to catch on to the type of bestiality awaiting the listener inside. It is as early as opener The Arrival Of Satan's Empire (silence traitor! The Empire of Metallian rules) that the listener finds himself immersed and writhing in what can only be gloriously pure black metal. Dark Funeral 2001 is a force that brings together the vocals, riffs, speed, harmonic rhythms and death blasts, with nary a nod to the ever-weakening environs surrounding the band. One, of course, would be forgiven for still considering Marduk and Dissection the masters of the game, but it is clear that Dark Funeral stands on the podium with those bands. Dark Funeral is yet another example of the superiority of Sweden in all things metal and yet again proof that countries like Norway and Finland are Satanic light years behind Sweden. - Ali "The Metallian"

As far as bands go Dark Funeral is one of the outstanding entities on the metal scene given its heritage, speed, heaviness and clarity of purpose. The Swedish black metal demons deliver incredible negative energy album after album. Sadly, De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine is not such a release and does not live up to the standards set by the group's discography.
Modern live albums have placed themselves at a disadvantage, but this disc in particular comes across as flat and half-hearted. Even the Chilean audience, which by all rights should be more than rabid, comes across as muted and unenthusiastic. No one can deny Dark Funeral's penchant for true and talented black metal. It is a testament to the lamentable state of live recordings and this album's engineering and sound that Dark Funeral appears as an average band whose songs meld with one another without distinction. Nowadays live albums are mostly stop-gap measures to address contractual obligations or earn some incremental money. One wonders if they are fulfilling their task. - Ali "The Metallian"


Dark Funeral