The Dark Rhapsodies - 1993 - Molon Lave
1999 (A Step Beyond...?) - 1999 - Seven
Sivilla - 2005 - Black Lotus
Dark Nova – 2012 – Metal Breed

Dark Nova image
S= Nightwolf>>Michael Choulakis - Dark Devils>>Elias Koskoris - Manos Fatsis>>Devilusion, City Of Lights
G= Dark Devils, Wolfcry, Karmic Link, Iron Ensemble>>ELIAS KOSKORIS>>Wolfcry, Karmic Link, Iron Ensemble
D= Dark Devils, Carnage, Impaler, Spitfire>>NICK ADAMS [NIKOS ADAMIDAS]>>Impaler, Spitfire
K= Exoristi, Vaal, Iron Ensemble>>MAIRY TASSOULI>Iron Ensemble

The band was formed in 1987 as Dark Devils and soon issued the Shrinel demo which combined Classical with heavy metal music. The band signed with Greece's Molon Lave Records and issued The Dark Rhapsodies album. Several shows, including an appearance at Rockwave festival in 1997, and an appearance on Sound Phaze's Metal Under Germany vol. 3 sampler soon followed. The label's bankruptcy and line-up changes sent the band into unsigned territory again until 1999's sophomore effort, 1999 (A Step Beyond...?). More shows and more line-up changes lead to 2005 and Black Lotus Records.

Yioryos "Shrinel" Tzivelekis, who had been in the band in the early ‘90s returned in 2012. Nikos Syrakos took over the vocals in 2013.

Every album thus far has featured a redesigned or a variation of the logo for the band. The band’s labels also change out of necessity.


Dark Nova is a Greek band that has been doing the rounds since the late '80s and has two album to its name prior to Sivilla. As such, the quintet should know better, should have more musical capability and a better grasp of its instrument than the tepid performance on show here.
While most of the time the focus is on harmonizing vocals and layering the chanting, the band forgets to incorporate a substantial measure of music. To say what is presented here is minimalistic would be appropriate because track after track seems content with elementary musicianship and limited substance. The guitar rhythm hums faintly while the drone of keyboards make the occasional appearance. A disconcerting drum beats in a vacuum and leave the band's hard rock and progressive pretensions wanting. A second rhythm here or a listenable guitar solo on the title track or on Desperate Act are too little to be taken seriously. For a band to release something so bereft of inspiration in the year 2005 is a recipe for a turkey. - Ali "The Metallian"


Dark Nova