Melancholia Of A Dying World -1994 - Darkside
Shadowfields - 1997 - System Shock
Evolution - 1998 - NSM
Cognitive Dissonance - 2001 - Season Of Mist
Amber: Skeletal Journeys Through the Void - 2007 - Season Of Mist
Inferno – 2013 - Wolfblood


S= Peter Durst>>The Antiproduct - Disgrace, Noohoorsh, Waves, Demolition, Marginalia>>WOLFGANG ‘The Wolf’ SUSSENBECK [SU]>>Noohoorsh, Waves, Demolition, Marginalia
G= Peter Durst>>The Antiproduct - Herbert Knochel – Pit – Epistemy>>PYLATH [MAREK HANZEL]>>Epistemy – Epistemy>>PADRE [PATRIK PROCHÁZKA]>>Epistemy – XXXX>>JARO [JAROSLAV LUKACS]>>XXXX
B= Ice Edges, Disgrace, Noohoorsh, H8>>Peter Bohm [Alvarez]>>Noohoorsh, H8, Citizen X - Ice Edges, Disgrace, Noohoorsh, H8>>PETER BOHM [ALVAREZ]>>Noohoorsh, H8, Citizen X
D= Disgrace>>Roach [Robert Grogler] - Disgrace>>Roach [Robert Groegler] – Priority, Resurrecturis, Infernal Poetry, Dark Lunacy, Angry Nation, Wolfheart Feat. The Malavita Antisocial Club>>URMUZ [ALESSANDRO VAGNONI]>>Infernal Poetry, Dark Lunacy, Angry Nation, Wolfheart Feat. The Malavita Antisocial Club
K= Disgrace, Noohoorsh, Waves>>Wolfgang ‘The Wolf’ Sussenbeck [Su]>>Noohoorsh, Waves


With the demise of thrash act Disgrace a couple of the members formed a new band which in 1992 recorded a demo called Depression in the Czech Republic. The old singer if Disgrace (Sü) was hired on keyboards. A second demo, now featuring a second guitarist, was recorded and dubbed Herbst (Autumn in German). The band utilized its Czech contact like the Krabathor management and played several shows in that Republic. Following its self-released debut the band signs to Germany's Impact Records. This album is licensed by Conquest for the USA. The band plays melancholic music and has contributed to a Queensrÿche tribute CD. Citizen X, a project involving members of the act, recorded an album called Satanation in 2004. The lyrical content was related to the world's situation after 9-11. The band was signed for two albums by Italian label Pulsarlight. The album was entitled Dressed With Scars and due in 2005. An album instead appeared in 2007. The band lost drummer Lukas Siska right before a series of shows in 2008. The band was assessing its future as a result. Wolf had a new project in 2009 called Marginalia. The band had a new album called Inferno in 2013. It followed Amber – Skeletal Journeys Through The Void from six years prior. Sussenbeck owned the label, Wolfblood Productions.