Unbleed - 1998 - Twilight
Catharsis Instinct - 2000 – Icarus
In Sickness And In Dreams - 2006 - Battle Kommand
Nucleus – 2010 – Profound Lore
Into The Lair Of The Sun God – 2012 - Profound Lore
Night Of The Hammer – 2014 - Profound Lore

Dawnbringer image
S= High Spirits, Aktor, Metalusafer, Superchrist>>THE HAMMER [CHRIS BLACK]>>Metalusafer, Superchrist

G= Winterlong, Edenrot>Scott Hoffman/Gregg Stainthorpe>>Edenrot, Nite - Bill Palko

B= Metalusafer, Superchrist, Nachtmystium>>THE HAMMER [CHRIS BLACK]>>Metalusafer, Superchrist, Nachtmystium

D= Superchrist, Sculptured, Edenrot, Pharaoh, Final Prayer>>THE HAMMER [CHRIS BLACK]>>Sculptured, Edenrot, Pharaoh, Superchrist, Final Prayer

History & Biography
Dawnbringer was formed in 1995. The Pennsylvania band played speed/death metal. Black went on to Pharaoh, which was signed to the successor and follow-up to Icarus Records (Argentina), namely Cruz Del Sur of Italy. Three Soldiers Standing/Night Of The Sinner was a 2011 7”EP. XX was a digital demo in 2016. Snake was a demo in 2020.

Chris Black wrote for American magazine Metal Maniacs and edited his own fanzine. He is the founder and mainstay of the act. Gregg Stainthorpe was Hoffman’s occasional alias.