Dead Brain Cells - 1987 - Combat
Universe - 1989 - Combat

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History & Biography
The Montreal band was initially deemed a hardcore act but was later accepted by metal fans as a solid thrash metal band with a progressive touch. Gerry and Eddie (who started out on bass) were childhood friends. The group was offered a deal with the local Banzai label, but opted for Combat. The contract was for six albums. The band had opened for Slayer already in Montreal. Universe was a concept record. The band was reportedly dropped when it consumed its advance for a third album on narcotics and later had a member succumb to HIV. The group disbanded in 1991 claiming they had a dispute with the label regarding the budget for a video. Gerry died of AIDS in 1994. Dakin went on to do graphics work and moved to Toronto.

The band's most famous song, The Genesis Explosion, was the basis for a television advertisement campaign in Canada in 2004 for a telephone company. Daniel Mongrain, who had worked with Martyr and Gorguts was a live guitarist for the band for several shows. Jason Quinn from Nova Scotia was next on guitar. A reformed band was booked for The Montreal Metal Massacre Fest with the likes of Razor, Anvil and Exciter in December of 2005.

Rockatak Productions (which in the past has managed Voivod, Obliveon and Cryptopsy) organized a three-day festival celebrating the 25th Anniversary of metal made in the Canadian province of Quebec in the summer of 2007. This event featured a dozen bands, including eight, which were reuniting specifically for this occasion. The festival was set to take place at Club Soda in Montreal from August 31st to September 2nd. Bands like Obliveon, DBC and Necrotic Mutation would take part. As well, the deceased Piggy of Voivod would be inducted into something called the Quebec Metal Hall Of Fame. Jeff St. Louis died in 2019. The Demo Anthology was a 2021 compilation through Divebomb Records. The band was rehearsing and writing new music. The Trois-Rivières MetalFest took place in Trois-Rivières, Canada in November 2023. Bands slated to appear were a reformed Martyr, playing its Warp Zone album, DBC, Kataklysm and Sarkasm.