The Feast Begins At Dawn - 1991 - Bad Taste/Rising Sun
Dream Deceiver - 1992 - Bad Taste/Rising Sun
Kill Division - 1999 - Cold Blood Industries
Haatland - 2005 - Extremity
Depression Tank - 2009 - Displeased
Swine Plague – 2017 - Hammerheart
Slave Driver – 2022 - Hammerheart

Deadhead image
S= Tom Van Dijk, Equimanthorn, Lethargy, Sidius>>Kill Division>>Kill, Division, Equimanthorn, Lethargy, Sidius - Michiel Dekker>>Monolith, The Monolith Deathcult, Witchcult 71 - Equimanthorn, Lethargy, Sidius>>Kill Division>>Tom Van Dijk>>Lethargy – Sidius, Radiathor, Monism>>Ralph De Boer>>Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Body farm - Kill Division, Equimanthorn, Lethargy, Sidius>>Tom Van Dijk>>Lethargy – Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Bodyfarm>>RALPH DE BOER>>Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Bodyfarm
G= Beyond Belief, Elise>>ROBBIE WONING>>Beyond Belief, Elise - Beyond Belief, Lethargy, Equimanthorn, Legion>>RONNIE VAN DER WEIJ>>Beyond Belief, Lethargy, Legion
B= Tom Van Dijk>>Kill Division - Beyond Belief>>Ronnie Van Der Weij>>Beyond Belief - Kill Division>>Tom Van Dijk - Sidius, Radiathor, Monism>>Ralph De Boer>>Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Bodyfarm - Kill Division>>Tom Van Dijk - Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Bodyfarm>>RALPH DE BOER>>Sidius, Radiathor, Monism, Bodyfarm
D= Hans Spijker>>Mystic Charm, Jurassic Park - Mystic Charm, Jurassic Park>>HANS SPIJKER>>Jurassic Park

The Dutch thrash loyalists were formed in 1989. Following a demo called The Festering, Deadhead obtained a contract with German label Rising Sun. The band played with Gorefest, Candlemass and others and recruited a new drummer. After album number two a European tour with Sinister and Incantation ensued.

Spijker re-joined his former band-mates in 1995. A sampler called Come To Salem was unleashed in 2000 by Hammerheart/Unveiling The Wicked and featured some unreleased material. A new studio session, towards the completion of a new full-length, was convened in early 2003 with the line-up now featuring Johan Wesdijk on vocals (formerly of Pleurisy and Inquisitor) and Alex Geerts (formerly of Brain Implosion) on bass. The band also performed live with Sadus and Exodus in late 2002.

Singer/bass player Tom van Dijk re-joined the band in 2003 and the band headed into studio in October to record a new album again. The group issued its fourth album, Haatland, through Extremity Records/GMR Music Group in late 2005. The vintage thrashers signed with Displeased Records in late 2007. The band's full-length CD, Depression Tank, was due in the summer. The band was back with an album called Depression Tank in February, 2009 courtesy of Displeased Records. The CD was recorded at Hooiland Studio. Van Dijk returned in 2012. The band was booked at Eindhoven Metal Meeting in 2018. Singer and bassist Tom Van Dijk left the band for the third time in May 2021. Ralph De Boer, another name from the past, re-joined the group. Slave Driver was preceded with a song called Acolyte in December 2021.